10 One Piece Fan Theories We All Hope Are True

If you are an anime lover, you have an idea about the anime “One Piece.” This anime is of fame to many as it has a very entertaining, exciting, and fantastic storyline. Many are hooked with the creativity and the tremendous plot of these animes. If you have been watching One Piece for years, you may know many theories that you hope are true.

There are many theories regarding One Piece that you hope is true. Most of these theories include information such as The Country of Wano is Above The Sea, The Trafalgar Law’s Death, The Raid Suit of Sanji, Roronoa Zoro, a member of Shimotsuki Clan, The True Identity Of Sanji, The Sword of Shanks, Sabo is Alive After Being Attacked By Celestial Dragon, Joyboy Was The Ruler Of The Ancient Kingdom, and Buggy Becomes A Shichibukai.

The above-mentioned One Piece Theories are only one of the many. If you have no idea regarding the, you may read the details that I have provided below. 

The Country of Wano is Above The Sea

Sunny, the Strawhat Pirates’ captain, climbed up two waterfalls before succumbing to the waters of Wano Country. It is incredible that Luffy and Big Mom, thrown into the water by King the Wildfire, ended up on Kuri’s beach, despite the ship being lost at sea. According to the fan theory, Wano was either buried deep within a mountain or perched on top of it, with only the sea as a means of accessing him. Kin’emon’s explanation of the country’s basic topography in Chapter 954 of One Piece demonstrated that this assumption was incorrect.

The Trafalgar Law’s Death

And even when Oda does introduce something new, he doesn’t do anything with it once it is presented. The existence of Ope Ope no Mi was revealed during the Dressrosa arc, and we learned about how the Perennial Youth Surgery may grant immortality in exchange for a person’s death through the Perennial Youth Surgery. Many people in Wano believe that the Trafalgar Law will be overturned, allowing someone to undergo an Immortality procedure. Even though Law is well-liked by many, his demise has been hinted at several times. While many people are saddened by his passing, the deaths of notable characters can be unexpected when a compelling reason exists for them to do so.

The Raid Suit of Sanji

At the end of the Whole Cake Island tale, he is presented with a Raid Suit by his brother Niji. Although Sanji had promised himself that he would never use this in a battle, it was evident that he would do it in the end. The Raid Suit’s capabilities were the subject of much speculation among fans, rather than whether or not he would deploy it. Sanji had always dreamed of vanishing as a child, and many people imagined that he would one day be able to accomplish just that. When Sanji debuted his new form, known as the O-Soba Mask, in One Piece Chapter 931, he revealed his power to disappear.

Roronoa Zoro, a member of Shimotsuki Clan 

The fact that Roronoa Zoro’s past has been kept a mystery has been done admirably by Eiichiro Oda. Although Oda claims to be from East Blue, he made it clear that a ship from Wano arrived in East Blue 50 years ago and is not from the region. Based on the similarities between Koushiro’s attire and those worn by the characters in Hakumai, this could be a clue that both he and Zoro are from Wano Country. According to popular belief, Roronoa Zoro is a member of the Shimotsuki clan, one of Wano’s three Daimyo lineages. We haven’t figured out who his father is or how he is related to Yasu or Ushimaru up until this point in time.

The True Identity Of Sanji

Sanji, the Straw Hats cook, is the subject of one of the most popular and long-standing One Piece theories. Various hypotheses have been circulating for years, all of which assert that Sanji is, in reality, a prince of some sort. Throughout this idea, the name “Mr. Prince” and his highly uncommon blood type are recurring elements, as is the fact that, following the Dressrosa tale, he was sought “only alive” on his “wanted poster,” indicating that he was still alive. Finally, Chapter 812, in which Sanji is revealed to be the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, who rule the Germa Kingdom, provided conclusive evidence for this theory.

The Sword of Shanks

Shanks appears in One Piece as one of the Yonko we’ve been hoping to see in action for a long time. Based on his frequent use of a sword, it indicates that he is primarily a swordsman himself. Oda’s given name has lately been verified to be Gryphon. In Chapter 965, we have introduced to Roger’s crew and the sword that Roger wielded, which was eerily similar to the weapon held by Shanks. Shanks has previously inherited Roger’s beard, but it is not out of the question for him to wield Roger’s sword at some point in the future. We’d be happy if it proved out to be accurate, even though it’s only a theory at this point.

Sabo is Alive After Being Attacked By Celestial Dragon

Following the conclusion of the Marineford chapter, fans realized that Luffy has a second stepbrother, Sabo, in addition to his brother Ace. According to the legend, Sabo was allegedly assassinated by a Celestial Dragon while on a cruise at sea. On the other hand, Oda’s manga, cover art, and SBS forums all left plenty of evidence that Sabo was still alive and well. A scene in which Revolutionary Army chief Monkey D. Dragon arrives at his ship with an unidentified injured person during a flashback in chapter 589 is included in this chapter. Many of Sabo’s followers concluded that he had been injured due to this. The Dressrosa arc in Chapter 731 proved that this assumption was correct.

Kaido, The Dragon

The Yonko, of which Kaido is a part, is a powerful force. Furthermore, he appears to be invincible, which makes him an exceedingly formidable adversary to face off with. His arrival sparked widespread speculation that he possessed a mighty Devil Fruit power. According to one of the most popular theories, a dragon-like hybrid is what Kaido may be. Kin’emon said during the Punk Hazard plot that he had a grudge towards dragons, and there is evidence to support this claim. Momonosuke brought up that Luffy had the power to fly during the Dressrosa plot, who described it as “a terrible thing.” In chapter 921, Kaido flies above Wano in the same manner as Momonosuke, demonstrating that Momonosuke was correct.

Joyboy Was The Ruler Of The Ancient Kingdom

On Fishman Island, Robin discovers an apology from Joyboy, the Ancient Weapon Poseidon, to the mermaid princess. Soon, rumors spread that Joyboy was the Ancient Kingdom’s sultan. There are several similarities between Joyboy and a Javanese queen named Jayabaya. LIKE THE ANCIENT KINGDOM, TEN STRONGEST Sword Art Online HEROES Jayabaya recorded his kingdom’s history in books and epigraphs. He also said Ratu Adil, a chosen one, will bring peace to the world. Luffy’s friendship with Poseidon Shirahoshi also points to his future heroics.

Buggy Becomes A Shichibukai

Buggy, “The Star Clown,” was the character who made his debut appearance in the series. Over time, Monkey D. Luffy’s outlandish companion has evolved from a villain to an ally. His former status as an underling of Gol D. Rogers and a friend of Yonko “Red-Haired” Shanks is revealed later in the story. A message from the World Government is delivered to Buggy due to the events of the Marineford storyline. Some fans thought that the letter contained an invitation to join the Shichibukai, a group of seven powerful pirates who pledge service to the World Government in exchange for a pardon. The evidence presented in Chapter 700 was conclusive in support of this hypothesis.


There are a lot of interesting theories that you may encounter with regards to the anime One Piece. Many may be true and others are not. Some theories are of great interest which may give you the urge to hope to believe in those theories. However, it is best to know the exact details. The above mentioned theories are written to answer your questions.

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