All Time Strongest Anime Characters Ranked

You may have been a fan of anime over the years, and you may already have the idea of the different characters in various anime. Anime characters may come to be the store’s hero or villain. Nonetheless, each showcases a strong character, or others may showcase power. There are countless candidates to choose who among them is the strongest.

One of the strongest anime characters includes Eren Yeager, NAruto, Alucard, Yhwach, Kaguya Otsutsuki, Tetsuo Shima, Anos Voldigoad, Giorno Giovanna, Son Goku, and Saitama. These characters were among the strongest anime characters that man had watched.

Each of these anime characters has showcased their skills, talents, and power in the different anime series of movies that they are in. You may be interested in knowing them more. That is why I have gathered details that you can read to dig for extra information about your favorite most muscular anime. Check more details below. 

Saitama from One Punch Man

With regards to the satirical nature of Saitama in One Punch Man, it is safe to assume that he is intended to represent the most muscular anime. You may compare the skills of Saitama to the anime characters like Goku. They are pushing themselves to their absolute limit to finish or lose the enemy. However, Saitama is different as it can defeat any enemy using a single attack by pushing its limits. 

Son Goku or Dragon Ball

Many knew Son Goku as he is the center of the story in Dragon Ball. Though they may think that Zeno is the most robust character in Dargon Ball, there is a vast difference between the 2 when it comes to strength and power. Though Zeno may destroy everything with a snap, he might not be that well fitted it matches on a fistfight, considering he is small. In contrast to Son Goku, his element in such surroundings. 

Since Son Goku is a Super Saiyan, over the years, he has proved himself to be the Earth’s savior countless times. Defeat makes Son Goku stronger. In Ultra Instinct, he has now had the power to access the Word of the Gods. The more he masters his administration, the more he becomes powerful. 

Giorno Giovanni of Jojo’s Bizzadre Adeventure

Many would argue that Jotaro Kujo is considered the most robust character in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure; many would say that Giorno Giorno is the strongest though Jotaro Kujo is powerful. Though anyone may beat, harm, and fatally wound him in a battle, he can manage to get up and bring himself back to life. 

Anos Valdigoad of the Misfit of Demon King Academy               

Anos is the main protagonist in the anime The Misfit of Demon King Academy. He has existed for 2,000 years. Anos is the reincarnated being of the most powerful Demon King, which brought a few valuable combat-related perks and benefits. He is amazingly fats is unfathomably strong. He also has access to a wide array of magic that can destroy what seems indestructible by just looking at it. 

Tetsuo Shuma of Akira

In Akira, Tetsu played the antagonist part. He is on the opposite side of though he was once the hero’s best friend. He has a psychic power that, once it is awakened, proves too much for him to control. Being unable to control his psychic ability leads to a series of psychic explosion that threatens the entire universe. The wrong side of Tetsuo is that he is not making ways how to control his psychic power. Once he could fully master his ability, no one knew if he could achieve and beat battles.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

In the Naruto series, the protagonist characters fought with the villains for years, but there is nothing deadly as the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya. After Kaguya was consumed the fruit of the God Tree, she then became the Ten-Tails. This provided her with extraordinary powers that made he nigh-on unstoppable in battle.

Initially, the power that she gained was used to protect her former clan and her two sons, which eventually consumed her. Since her heart was already consumed by darkness, she started to manipulate minds used for immoral acts. These evil acts caused pain and trouble to many victims. 

Yhwach of Bleach

Since Yhwach was the son of the Soul King, he was blessed with several unique powers like distributing parts of his soul to someone by just touching. By doing this, he can help the person create new powers and abilities.

Alucard of Helsing

Alucard is considered to be more or less invincible when Hellsing starts as he has an impressive collection of souls. HE can be present and exist from somewhere to nowhere, making it impossible for him to be killed. This ability is an asset for those who tend to be on his side but the opposite of those against him. Alucard is known to be an unstoppable killer. 

Since he has a wide array of skills and abilities, he is powerful. He has s superhuman strength and speed that allows him to kill the villain with bare hands. This skill and power make his victims retaliate. He also comes with various weapons, but his trusty pair is the handgun.

Naruto Uzumaki of Naruto

Who would not know Naruto? He is the main character in the Naruto series and is considered the most iconic Anime character. He was considered a monster as a young child, and people merely did not support him. However, he was able to show his worth and is now loved. Due to his experience, this led him to be motivated in improving his skills and discipline. Inside of him is a Nine-Tailed Ninja Fox.


Many prominent characters may be found in the anime world, and each one has its own story to tell. Each possesses a distinct set of characteristics that are well worth learning about. These characters can play both the bad guy and the good guy. They have exceptional abilities and a wealth of knowledge that they are eager to share with the audience.

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