Dark Souls 3: Top 6 Deadliest Thrusting Swords (Stats & Perks)

Dark Soul series have always been going to be in our hearts. It has acquired a tremendous fanbase that appreciates it sincerely. In Dark Soul 3, we receive a lot of diversity of swords. That is why we will speak about some of the most excellent thrusting swords in the game.

Crystal Sage’s Rapier

However, unlike other weapons created by transposing the soul of a boss, the Crystal Sage’s Rapier may still be improved to a +5 rating, although it cannot be infected or buffen. When this is done, the weapon receives a superb A-tier scaling with Intelligence, making it a great melee weapon for any sorcerer build (or similar).

It also does mostly Magic damage, making it a good choice for dealing with enemies with significant physical resistances. Lastly, the boost of 50 Item Discovery, while wielded, is a helpful farming tool because of the bonus.

It, too, is manufactured by transposing the soul of a boss, much like the majority of weapons. This weapon has the advantage of being upgradeable to +5, which is not the case with other weapons.

The characteristics are as follows:

  • With Intelligence, you can achieve outstanding A-tier scaling.
  • The greatest melee weapon for any wizard build, the halberd is an excellent choice.
  • Magic deals with the majority of the damage.
  • When it is wielded, you will get a benefit of 50 Item Discovery as a result.


The Rapier, being the most basic weapon in terms of both name and function, is uninspiring, yet it is by no means a terrible weapon. With the addition of a +10 Sharp infusion, this Thrusting Sword achieves excellent scaling of A-tier with Dexterity, allowing it to do some significant damage.

It also has a Critical high stat of 130, making it the Thrusting Sword with the most damage output from backstabs and ripostes. Players may similarly equip the Hornet Ring to utilize a Dagger to do even more significant critical attack damage.

Both in terms of terminology and performance, it is regarded as a real weapon. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of it becoming a mediocre weapon. The characteristics are as follows:

  • With Dexterity, you’ll be able to achieve excellent A-tier scaling.
  • Has a massive Critical rating of 130.
  • You may utilize the Hornet Ring to deal significantly more critical attack damage if you have it equipped.

Ricard’s Rapier

Ricard’s Rapier is named after the undead prince who was famed for his fighting ability. It functions similarly to the ordinary Rapier, except it lacks the massive Critical stat. When used in conjunction with the Leo Ring, it significantly increases counterattack damage, similar to other thrusting weapons.

It is, however, the weapon skill, Ricard’s Lunge, and Press, that distinguishes this deadly poker from others of its sort. With this talent, players may unleash a barrage of aggressive stabs that can be prolonged with a hard strike. Few opponents can withstand all of these attacks, making it an excellent technique for overwhelming shield-hugging opponents.

It was given this name to recognize the undead prince Ricard, who was known for his fighting skill. It performs in the same way as a standard Rapier but with a much higher Critical stat. The characteristics are as follows:

  • If you utilize the Leo Ring, you will benefit from a tremendous boost to counterattack damage.
  • It launches a barrage of aggressive stabs that may be prolonged with a powerful strike by its weapons skill, Ricard’s Lunge and Press, a combination of lunge and press.


This is most likely the Thrusting Sword that is most often utilized in PvP, and with good cause. Among its multiple thrusting attacks, the Estoc has the most excellent range of any weapon of its sort and provides incredible flexibility with its sweeping strike. Even yet, since its Critical stat is an average of 100, it does not lend itself to riposte, and backstabs attacks, as well as other Thrusting Swords, do.

Instead, players should make use of its powerful Shield Splitter weapon skill, which allows them to bypass an enemy’s shield as if they were holding a wet paper towel in front of them. When a player carrying an Estoc has an A-tier in Dexterity scaling at +10 with a Sharp infusion, all opponents should be afraid of the person.

This is the most widely used and well-liked thrusting weapon available. The critical aspect is that it has an all-out assault, which allows for a great deal of flexibility. The characteristics are as follows:

  • It has a Critical stat that is on the average of 100 points.
  • With the use of the Shield Splitter weapon skill, you will be able to go around an opponent’s shield effortlessly.
  • It has an A-tier in Dexterity scaling at +10 with a Sharp infusion and an A-tier in Strength scaling at +10.

Irithyll Rapier

The Irithyll Rapier, being one of the few weapons to have an intrinsic frost effect and as the only weapon other than the Thursting Sword to have any auxiliary characteristic, may be a lethal weapon, even compared to comparable armaments. Frost builds up at a rate of 55 points every hit, which will undoubtedly make any human in PvP hesitant, which might help the player get an advantage over their opponents if they employ correct spacing and timing in their assaults.

Given that it is a one-of-a-kind weapon, it can only be improved to a level of +5, but once it has done so, it gains C-tier scaling in both Strength and Dexterity. Because of this, Quality builds can take full use of this icy weapon.

As previously stated, Frostbite needs an all-around enhancement to be considered viable. The Irithyll Rapier does severe damage, and against most players, you will kill them before you have the opportunity to inflict a status effect. When using R2, your character will begin by holding their arm back, then slicing up and away from the target. A conventional thrusting strike, the follow-up R2 is much quicker than the initial R1. Two slashing strikes with about the same range as a typical rapier running attack, Running R1’s are used to close the distance between two targets.

Crow Quills

These Thrusting Swords, which can be found in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC, are undoubtedly the deadliest of all Thrusting Swords. When used one-handed, they are a pretty conventional depiction of the weapon class in which they are used. 

When two-handed, four-throwing knife-like illusionary quills emerge in the offhand, which may be used to toss objects. This gives the user a tough to avoid mid-range assault that significantly increases the range of this weapon. 

Quill Dart is a one-of-a-kind weapon skill that forces the player to do a mysterious hop while simultaneously throwing the offhand quills in a fan-like pattern, which may be both an effective attacking and defensive maneuver.

These are just a handful of the Crow Quills’ maneuvers, and there are many more that make this sword very lethal in its execution. The running assault, performed with two hands, possesses super armor, which no other Thrusting Sword can match. 

In reality, nearly no other weapon, except for the ‘great’ kind, can claim to be equipped with super armor. The fact that the Crow Quills may achieve S-tier in Dexterity while using a +10 Sharp infusion solidifies their position as the top-tier item in the opinion of all players who have had a chance to experiment with them.

Possibly one of the most visually appealing weapons to come out of the DLC. Unfortunately, the reasons it’s fantastic don’t match up with what makes it stand out from the crowd. Even while it does enormous damage, its dual moveset has a limited range and is thus less effective than other players. This means that this weapon is often exclusively utilized for its R1s and throwing knives and not for anything else. 

It’s still rather excellent, but it might be much better. L1 assaults should begin with a fast thrust from the Rapier before transitioning into the classic combination. With more range and velocity than the conventional R1, this push would put you within range for the subsequent assaults.

Final Takeaway:

For players who want to deliver quick stabs, Thrusting Swords are the most effective of all the blade types available in Dark Souls 3. Due to the quickness of their strikes, buffs that inflict status ailments like bleed, toxin, or Frostbite might be an excellent tactic to take full advantage of. Some also have more significant critical damage modifiers, which lends them nicely to techniques like delivering ripostes and backstabs.

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