Darksouls 3: Deadliest Straight Swords Ranked

dark souls 3 best straight swords

Because it is a never-ending uphill battle, destroying rivals like toys and slicing through swathes of opponents like damp tissue is rather tedious. Finishing a problematic endeavor provides a feeling of accomplishment because you know that you put in the effort and that your win did not come to you by accident. 

The use of swords has become an essential aspect of this. Therefore let us take a look at the most powerful straight sword in Dark Souls 3.

Profaned Greatsword

The Profaned Greatsword is a well-balanced ultimate greatsword with a diverse move set and deadly power strikes.  Once players had eventually beaten Pontiff Sulyvahn, some might use either up his Soul due to the immense aggravation and anguish of the battle or transfer it with 3000 souls to gain the Profaned Greatsword, which is a beautiful weapon for both PVP and PVE.  It provides a remarkable level of destruction, but the harmful levels of the sword, regrettably, peak with a decent build.  

However, it is still a fantastic weapon to utilize before moving on to a stronger one for your figure. With C-tier growth in both power and agility, the Profaned Greatsword is very well trapped into a premium build-only niche.  Moreover, it is 294 physical assault when completely developed to +5 is nothing to joke at. Mainly when one utilizes its unique talent, Profaned Flame, to give it a natural fire boost that improves its killing power.

Hollowslayer Greatsword

Hollowslayers is remarkable because of the flexibility it provides, as it can be used as a long sword or as a general’s sword. It makes you less vulnerable to assault, and it can breach guard or strike you directly in the face like a long sword.   With a cover that causes a slight delay, its benefit increases damage output beyond what the metrics indicate. 

As a result of its 20 percent damage boost against any hollow adversary, which contains many bosses, the Hollowslayer Greatsword is an excellent weapon throughout the whole game. Many players will have this weapon on hand as they go through the plot and into New Game Plus since it is the most effective weapon for dealing with hollows. It’s discovered unexpectedly early in the game after killing the boss Curse-Rotted Greatwood in the Undead Settlement, which is a surprise given the game’s setting. 

This weapon and the mighty Arstor’s Spear may be crafted with the soul, albeit this weapon is arguably superior in many ways. Although this weapon cannot be infused or buffed and has terrible scaling, the valid reason to use it is its unique extra damage, which may be reasonably spectacular when paired with the weapon’s physical damage of 264 points.  The Hollowslayer Greatsword can completely devastate the decaying Deacons of the Deep, not just because of the additional damage it does but also because of its broad, horizontal light assaults that may span an incredible amount of territory. 


The Claymore is a highly lethal weapon in the right hands because its naturally vital stats and capability when wholly upgraded. The Claymore is one of the most flexible greatswords in the game, and it can be an ideal pick for practically any melee build due to its versatility.  The Claymore may be obtained either from foes wielding it in Irithyll in the Boreal Valley or from the High Wall of Lothric, near the firebreathing dragon, depending on where you are in the world. 

Because it has a good blend of range, speed, and damage, it is considered the best balanced of all the Greatswords. It has an excellent move set and is particularly well suited to solid and high-quality builds in particular. It has a broad swing that easily lurches and kills lesser adversaries and a powerful thrust that is useful while battling other players in PVP battles. 

Following an infusion of Refined essence into a Claymore, the weapon obtains C-tier scaling in power and agility at a rate of +10. As well as an excellent physical attack stat of 248.  Using a mild assault, this Greatsword’s weapon skill, Stance, may dislodge an opponent’s defenses before unleashing a lethal upward slash and lunge with a powerful strike.


The Shortsword is an excellent choice for casting builds because of its small weight, low stat requirements, and diverse moveset. Furthermore, it infuses very well, making it a fantastic choice for all elemental builds. Additionally, because of its small weight, it requires less energy to swing than other weapons.

Although it has a limited range and initially low primary damage, the Shortsword may be a useful early-game weapon used by most players for most of the game’s duration due to its low stat requirements and ease of acquisition from the Shrine Handmaiden. 

Because it features a moveset similar to the legendary Lothric Knight Sword, the Shortsword is very comparable to it. It mixes slashes and thrusts, and it also has more critical hit damage for more lethal backstabs and riposte strikes than the legendary Lothric Knight Sword.

Lothric Knight Sword

With a critical modifier of 110, it’s one of only two Straight Swords in the game (the other one being the Shortsword). This weapon is powerful owing to its high damage, extended range, diverse moveset, and adaptable Weapon Art, among other factors. Furthermore, it infuses pretty well, making it an excellent choice for virtually any build except for Strength. 

That the Lothric Knight Sword is capable of standing up to a broad range of battle situations is what makes it such a potent weapon in the first place. The ability to modify and boost the weapon to fit almost any playstyle or build makes it a flexible weapon that can be readily tailored to match the user’s specific requirements. The critical modifier of 110 is also a good feature of this piece. 

Gaining access to a Lothric Knight Sword is likewise a straightforward process that can be accomplished early in the game by cultivating the Lothric Knights on the High Wall of Lothric. Choose this sword if you want something that can be customized to match your requirements. The flexibility of this straight sword is practically unrivaled since, at +10, it can obtain A-tier or S-tier scaling with almost every infusion where scaling is feasible, making it almost unbeatable. 

Astora Greatsword

The Astora Greatsword provides a tremendous deal of possibilities for Dexterity builds to become very dangerous on the battlefield. Along with outstanding scaling, basic stats, and a diverse moveset, the Astora Greatsword provides players with the ability to devastate their opponents completely. Players will have more freedom when assigning points to this greatsword because it is the lightest Ultra Greatsword available in the game. 

A corpse may be discovered in the cemetery near the Cleansing Chapel, in the Cathedral of the Deep, with this item attached to it. The Astora Greatsword is a sword that tends to prefer the stamina bar over the other bars. Like other Ultra Greatswords, it has a great range, and although it is better suited for PVE, its Weapon Art may do a catastrophic level of destruction to opponents in PVP. 

Infusing it with Refined is the most effective way to create high-quality constructions. When upgraded to level 10, Refined infusion provides outstanding B-tier scaling in both power and skill; it has some of the best dual-scaling of any quality constructed weapon, second only to the Dark Sword, in terms of strength and Dexterity. Although 237 physical attacks aren’t much compared to other Ultra Greatswords, its stamina-conservative assaults allow it to release more of them without having to rest, resulting in more overall severe damage per second and more overall harm per second.

Black Knight Sword

Of course, there are a variety of different weapons available, such as halberds and glaives. Black knight glaive, gundyr halberd, crimson hilted halberd, and split-leaf great sword are available. These are more focused on PVP, which is where they shine the most. 

There’s too much sluggishness and not enough damage for PvE. However, in PVP, they allow you to outpace your opponent. They also have spin-to-win combinations to increase your chances of winning. 

There’s a solid reason why the Black Knight Sword is regarded as one of the greatest PVE weapons available. Perseverance allows the player’s poise to be strengthened, allowing them to do enormous damage. Apart from dealing tremendous poise damage, it has substantial reach and speed, and it doesn’t deplete the player’s stamina too much. 

It also deals an additional 20% extra damage against Demons. One of the corpses in Smouldering Lake has this item, which may be discovered in the middle of the game. Truthfully, this weapon may be your only weapon for the remainder of the game and far into New Game Plus, depending on your build and playstyle. 

The Black Knight Sword, another weapon that cannot be infused or boosted, depends on its real and extra damage to be a lethal weapon in its own right. When ultimately improved, this greatsword can do 302 physical damage, which puts it virtually on par with hyper greatswords in terms of damage potential. A varied moveset that includes multiple slashes and a few thrust strikes allows the wielder to make the most of any circumstance.

Exile Greatsword

This is by far the greatest curved Greatsword available since it delivers the most damage of any curved sword while also having the shortest range of any other curved blade available. Its weapon art, Spin Slash, is vital since it causes significant damage to foes near the wielder. The weapon may be obtained from the Farron Keep, where one of the Exile Watchdogs is currently in possession. 

When it comes to curved Greatswords, it is the most often utilized material for high-quality construction. Combine the 266 physical attacks of the Exile Greatsword with +10 delicate infusion, and you have an outstanding attack rating. B-tier scaling in strength and skill produces a good attack rating. 

Like many others in its class, this weapon is perfect for stabbing and stun locking opponents, sending them to their deaths before their time.

Sellsword Twinblades

This dual weapon is an excellent pick for a dex build because of its versatility. It is speedy, has extraordinary trick attacks, and maybe infused with whatever sort of resin you like. This weapon may also be obtained early in the game at the Crossroads, which is a significant advantage. 

Surprisingly, the Sellsword Twinblades are the weapon that enthusiasts believe will impact the game most. These dual-wielded scimitars are pretty effective in the hands of a dexterity build, mainly when the quick infusion is used to enhance their effectiveness. These swords will easily cut through even the most difficult bosses like butter in no time, yet they will need the player to dodge appropriately since they cannot stop their attacks. 

The following weapons are the default weaponry you get when you begin as a Mercenary in the game. Choose another class, and you may find them as early as possible in the marsh behind the Black Knight, which can be located at the Road of Sacrifices pretty before in the game. When paired with the flurry of attacks that Sellsword Twinblades can release, the sharp-infused Sellsword Twinblades have a very high killing power, dealing 183 physical damage at a +10 bonus.

The regular and heavy strikes are both quick. Still, its Spin Slash talent enables it to deliver a large number of hits in a short time, which may completely demolish the majority of opponents.

Final Takeaway:

The fact that this game does not treat you as if you are a kid is something many fans like about it. Yes, it’s challenging, but it’s never impossible to overcome obstacles. 

Consequently, whether a gamer clears an area, defeats a boss, or even punishes or successfully invades an enemy, it all comes down to their talent as a player and the way they created their character for success. These swords have been quite helpful, thanks to them!

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