How Does Sun Breathing Sword Style Work in Demon Slayer?

how does sun breathing style work

Hello to all the fans of Demon Slayer! We learned about breathing styles in episode 3 from this wonderful story!

Thanks to sun breathing technique,it is possible for swordsmen to increase their physical ability and mental focus without resorting to medical intervention by breathing exceedingly hard and concentratedly in order to battle a demon.

It is possible to fulfill all of the Sun Breathing Style’s kinds for various scenarios. One such program, for example, is designed specifically to produce afterimages of consumers in order to fool competitors. 

Another is intended to enable the opponent to go unnoticed, only for them to find that the attack was successful after they have already begun to recover.

Sun Breathing’s devastation demonic methods continue to make it one of the most effective carnage demonic armies in the entire anime.

A Breathing Technique Similar to All the Others

Despite the fact that Sun Breathing Style is the originator of the other types, this does not imply that it operates in a distinct manner. Using a method known as “Total Concentration Breathing,” demon assassins may take in even more air and improve their physique to otherworldly proportions, just as they can with any other type of breathing. 

The Sun Breathing Style has a significant amount of fire as a component.

Meanwhile, it provides their sword activities with a tremendous impact that is commensurate with their social standing.

Is Sun breathing a thing in Demon Slayer?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the first Demon Slayer to use “breaths,” developed a swordsmanship technique that served as the foundation for later breathing styles that emerged as a result of Yoriichi adapting the breathing methods to suit the needs of the students he taught.

In addition to Water Breathing, Flame Breathing, Wind Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Stone Breathing, and Moon Breathing are some of the major breathing techniques that have evolved from the derivatives. 

Just before he dies, Kokushib declares that he and Muzan Kibutsuji slaughtered all swordsmen who were aware of the Sun Breathing, and then questions why the Sun Breathing continues to exist as long as there is still a Hinokami Kagura there to do it.


One modified form developed by Tanjiro himself is included in the collection of the Sun Breathing Style’s 13 forms in total. Each one is handcrafted to reflect the dynamism of the sun. 

The most fundamental strike is the dance, which is a fundamental vertical strike. Clear Blue Sky, a 360-degree whirling strike, and the aptly named “Thirteenth Form” are one of the most challenging forms to learn and master. 

In order to complete this ultimate form, you must complete each of the previous 12 forms in sequence. It was developed specifically to destroy Muzan Kibutsuji, the first demon.


A single vertical slash is delivered with a great deal of force.

Dancing Flash 

Tanjir Kamado was the first one to make use of the technique. It is possible for the user to perform an enhanced version of dance by employing a technique that is strongly related to the Thunderclap and Flash technique of Thunder Breathing. 

This technique involves inhaling massive amounts of oxygen, raising blood pressure all through the body, focusing it on the legs, and going to release it all to cut the target. 

Clear Blue Sky 

To perform a 360° slash, the user turns vertically.

Crimson Raging Sun 

Two horizontal slashes are used to strike or intercept an enemy from the front or side of the body.

Parhelion Rainbow 

Through the use of high-speed twisting and rotation, this strategy can be utilized to dodge impending attacks by producing afterimages. Due to the fact that opponents with good vision are more likely to attack the afterimage rather than the user’s actual body, the afterimages are particularly useful against those opponents.

Fire Wheel  

The user hops behind the opponent and turns in the air before releasing a circular flaming blow towards the opponent’s location. This kind of Water Breathing is most likely the precursor of the second form of Water Breathing, the Water Wheel.

Burning Bones, Summer Sun  

Protects against frontal attacks by striking them with a circular slash.

Sunflower Thrust 

A single thrust strike using the blade’s tip.

Solar Heat Haze 

It is the user’s intention to charge towards the target and strike it with a haze-covered slash that looks to miss but really hits the target.

Setting Sun Transformation 

With an upended flaming sword, the user soars into the air and strikes his opponent.

Beneficent Radiance 

The user flies into the air, delivering a deadly cut to anybody who is caught in the line of the spiral.

Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance 

Sun Breathing is considered to be the most powerful single approach in the world. The swordsman performs a lightning-fast and devastating sword attack in the shape of a blazing sun dragon, capable of decapitating a large number of opponents at once. This approach might be considered a precursor of the Water Breathing, Tenth Form: Constant Flux method of breathing.

Flame Dance 

An attack consisting of two slashes, the first of which is vertical and the second of which is horizontal.

Thirteenth Form 

The user continuously performs all twelve forms of the breathing method in a repeating pattern in order to increase the accuracy and agility of his actions while simultaneously lowering his fatigue. In order to inflict harm to Muzan’s twelve vital organs (seven hearts and five brains), which move freely inside his body as a result of his shape-shifting powers, the repetition of all twelve forms was especially designed with the objective of killing him.

Game Exclusive Techniques

Cross Slash 

The user fires their sword with sun flames and unleashes two arching flame slashes before slicing their opponent forward in a “X” form.

Scorching Rush

With a blazing sword, the user rushes forward at breakneck speed, performing a 5-move combination that includes a low-ended strike, a spinning wave attack, a strong forward thrust, an upward slash, and finally a downward slash.

Phoenix Flash 

The user performs an angled 360° sword slash while jumping in the air and flipping.

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