How Many Episodes in Sword Art Online? Solved

As we all know, Kirito will now have to communicate with and collaborate with his fellow players if he is to escape Aincrad successfully. Some are comrades, while others are adversaries, such as Asuna Yuuki, who commands the main party seeking to flee from the cruel game’s brutal rules and regulations.

To make matters worse, Sword Art Online is not only about having fun: if they die in Aincrad, they will perish in real life as well. Adapting to his new world, fighting for his life, and perhaps breaking free from his online hell are all tasks Kirito must do.

Sword Art Online has a total of 96 episodes. If you have a plan to watch the whole SAO, there are 25 episodes in SAO Season 1, 24 episodes in SAO Season 2, and 47 in SAO Season 3.

SAO has a compelling idea, to be sure, and it’s handled admirably to some level, or at least that’s how it resembled at first glance. The concept of a large number of people logging into a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game. 

With the specific intent of venturing on an interactive virtual adventure, only to be met with utter horror when they discover the horrifying reality of the game has been successfully implemented in the first episode indeed very satisfactorily. It’s very much what I’d call a fantastic start to the year.

On the other hand, SAO quickly manages to deflate all of my hopes and enthusiasm since it just takes a few episodes for the program to disclose its actual colors, backed by the disillusionment that is in store.

Is Sword Art Online already finished?

Because Alicization has eventually run its course, this was a fitting conclusion in many ways. It has the potential to be the series’ final episode, and as a result, its feeling of finality elicited a wide range of reactions from viewers, right up to the series’ closing moments. 

However, there will be an anime adaptation of The SAO Progressive, published in 2021, and we anticipate that the Unital Ring anime will follow shortly after. Meanwhile, as for SAO Progressive, as I already stated, it will be published in 2021, and it appears that Asuna will be the primary character, but this does not rule out the possibility of seeing Kirito. 

In the original SAO, the story is told through a light novel, a humorous word for “book.” There are several other chapters and series.

How would you order the seasons of Sword Art Online?

Because some of the most significant variations in quality happen within a single season, it is impossible to organize SAO according to season. The second half of Season 1 is nearly unanimously regarded as the most disappointing portion of the series. 

The antagonist is a bully, Asuna is defenseless, and the incestuous creature is a moron. The in-between storyline in Season 2 is the next worst thing that can happen. 

It’s a side tale that has nothing to do with the plot other than to explain how Kirito came to possess Excalibur in future arcs of the series. Sadly, it’s a bit tedious, but at least it’s brief. 

Those are the sole aspects of the film that are negative. It isn’t easy to rank the rest of them because I enjoy them all generally. Season 2’s first half has received a mixed response from critics. 

While the sci-fi setting is a desirable change from the rest of the tale, it also presents a new character who consumes up a significant screen time. On the other hand, she is usually well-regarded, and it is one of the more tightly wound tales in SAO. 

The overall quality of Alicization is pretty high, but some fans don’t like how the conflict escalated to the point that there were no stakes left at the conclusion. Putting in vague outside actors was a mistake that ultimately resulted in the people who honestly had a stake in the dispute being marginalized. 

Season 1’s first half has to rank very high on the list, but it’s the second half that draws people in and keeps them going back for the remainder of the season. Season 2’s conclusion is a jaw-droppingly fantastic narrative that continues to develop Asuna’s character.

Best Episode of Sword Art Online

Season 1 Episode 9, The Blue-Eyed Demon

Teaming alongside Asuna, Kirito helps clear the labyrinth on the 74th floor. They locate the Boss Room but run as they notice the boss. ‘The Blue-Eyed Demon ‘is another one of our most beloved episodes. 

Here we have Kirito displaying his hidden ability against the boss. Also, Heathcliff bids him to a fight conquering which will permit Asuna to escape the guild but should he defeated. He will be joining the group. 

Kirito and Asuna have reached the 74th floor and are examining it when they wind up in the boss chamber. The boss is a creature with glowing eyes and assumes a combat posture before them. Upon seeing it, Asuna and Kirito rush in an attempt to leave the chamber. Once they reach a secure zone, they choose to rest.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date

It was revealed that a teaser will be released, which would show Asuna dressed in non-combat attire for the Sword Art Online game. It supports Asun, who becomes more relaxed within Aincard as she confronts her companion and ideal lover, Kirito. 

Sword Art Online is among the most famous Japanese light fiction shows, and the program is currently preparing to enter its next chapter, which will air in 2019. The official Sword Art Online Twitter account has unveiled an official poster for progressive, with Asuna Yuki drawing her sword against the backdrop of the enormous metropolis of Aincard prisons. 

With the introduction of these light fictions in Sword Art Online, the world has gained a most popular and vast privilege, including several fiction and manga adaptations. The Sword Art Online season 5 launch date on Netflix has been eagerly anticipated by fans for quite some time. It has now been determined that the film will be released on November 6, 2022.

You can watch the teaser trailer for Sword Art Online season 5 here:

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