Masamune: How Long is Sephiroth’s Sword in FF7 Games?

How long sephiroth sword

Some argue that the Sephiroth sword is worthless compared to Cloud’s Buster Sword, but are we going to let them win? Whether you’ve come to learn more about the sword before purchasing it or simply to look around, you’ll leave this blog in a good mood. We have a lot of information for you!

Sephiroth’s sword Masamune is around 6 and 8 feet long ( 182 – 240 cm). It is one of the most fantastic, majestic, and powerful weapons in the Final Fantasy series and it’s modeled after a traditional Japanese odachi blade. 

Did you know that the Masamune is most likely named after Gorō Nyūdō Masamune? He is a well-known Japanese medieval blacksmith for his sword-forging abilities. According to the evidence, Sephiroth’s katana sword appears to be modeled on the long odachi field swords carried by samurai in feudal Japan. Do you realize how fantastic that is?

The Length of Sephiroth’s Masamune Sword in Final Fantasy VII Games Explained

And now let’s look at the numbers. Assuming Sephiroth is 73 inches (6’1″) tall, his sword is about 86.45 inches (7’2″) in length. No matter how you look at it, the sword is just over a foot higher than the ancient reported SOLDIER, who stands somewhere around the 7-foot height level.

It goes without saying that knowing Sephiroth’s precise height would allow us to get a more accurate estimation of the actual size of his particular weapon.

It is unquestionably lengthier than Cloud’s Buster Sword in the Final Fantasy VII remake. 

However, it is nowhere near as large in diameter, leaving the Masamune one of its tallest swords. On the internet, you can get a wide variety of real-life Masamune replicas in a variety of sizes, with the majority of them being approximately 68 inches in height.

Additionally, the Final Fantasy 7 Ultimania and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania provide Sephiroth’s birthdate, blood type, and absolute age, all of which are listed as “a stranger” throughout the game. It is hoped that the upcoming episodes of Final Fantasy 7 Remake would provide fans with further information about Sephiroth and his enigmatic appearance in the game, particularly his actual height and the length of his sword.

Further Informations on Sephiroth’s Sword 

This sword Masamune, wielded by Sephiroth, is one of the most unique, gorgeous, and potent weapons that have appeared in the Final Fantasy series. It is now accessible for purchase here for fans of the Final Fantasy video game and anyone who is interested in collecting such artifacts.

The real Masamune Sephiroth Sword from the game is exceptionally lengthy, and it also appears to be a frighteningly frightening weapon. Sephiroth’s cloak is longer than he is tall, and when combined with his strength and ability, the duo proves to be a lethal combo for those who stand in their way.

Before receiving the sword in the game series, the individual who wielded the sword was not well-known. Once he obtained the Masamune Sephiroth Sword, he quickly rose to prominence as one of the most feared villains and antagonists in video game history, according to many gaming enthusiasts and survey publications. 

The Masamune is a Japanese Odachi Blade

The Masamune is modeled after a traditional Japanese odachi blade. Both the tsuba (guard) and the tsuka (hilt) have changed design and color, alternating between blue and gold and completely black (even red in the original game). 

The precise length of the sword varies, although it is generally at least as long as Sephiroth is tall, if not somewhat longer, resulting in a blade that is roughly six to eight feet long, depending on the situation. The angle of the blade’s curvature varies as well, although it is never completely straight in the middle. 

The grip is more than long enough to fit both hands, yet Sephiroth is able to carry it with just one hand due to his incredible strength and agility. It features a rectangular tsuba, which is usually gold in color but can be seen in other colors as well.

The japanese Odachi ( 野太刀:のだち), on which the Masamune’s look is based, is a mighty two-handed longsword that was carried by foot troops as a weapon against cavalry soldiers in ancient Japan. The weapon’s length was primarily employed in open battlefields because it was impossible to wield it indoors or in close quarters. 

Because it required far more power and ability to handle than a traditional Japanese sword, the sword was worn slung across the back of the wearer’s shoulders during times of peace as a mark of social rank. Odachi is meant to slash. However, Sephiroth is known for impaling his victims, even though they are slashed.

How Heavy is Sephiroth’s Sword?

We don’t have precise references about Masamune’s weight.

If we take into consideration that the average weight of an 80cm (2’7 feet) katana made of steel is 1.5kg (3.30 lbs), we can guess the estimated weight of Sephiroth’ sword in FF7 Games is around 4.5kg (10lbs)

It’s surely a remarkable weight for a sword, but it will never be as heavy as Cloud’s Buster Sword!

The Symbolism of Sephiroth’s Long Sword

Talking about Masamune, an allusion to the Monohoshizao, an unusually long katana (90cm, when most katana are about 70cm), wielded by Sasaki Kojiro, is most likely intended. But then creators pushed the volume up to 11 and lengthened it further because he is the legendary Sephiroth, they equipped him with an incredibly long sword that he could only wield.

The Author

Worth noting in order to understand Masamune’s symbolism is the Japanese legend of Masamune and Murasame.

Masamune and Murasame were two master swordsmiths. Masamune’s blades were known to be lucky and bring peace to the wielder, on the other hand, Murasame’s swords were considered unlucky and to bring bloodthirst and greed upon the owner. To decide which swordsmith was the best between the two a contest took place.

What they would do was immerse one sword made by each swordsmith into a stream that had leaves floating on it. Leaves went out of their way to slice themselves on Murasame’s sword, but they avoided Masamune’s sword.

By the legend, Masamune is a weapon of good, (when Sephiroth killed Aeris, there was no blood during the cutscene). It means Sephiroth possesses a good blade, while Cloud, on the other hand, uses the unlucky Murasame once he gets to Wutai.

This could mean that Sephiroth is actually not that bad and cruel as he can be perceived at first.


Now that you have all the specifications of Sephiroth’s Masamune you are ready to get back to your adventure in Gaia!

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