Mihawk Sword: Yoru’s Origins, Powers and Techniques

dracule mihawk sword

A wedge-shaped, well-ornated Western-looking sword with a curving, single-edged, black blade imitates an enormous kriegsmesser.

It is well over two meters in length.  It is carried upside-down against Mihawk’s back by two bare holding hooks incorporated into the man’s clothing while not in use owing to the lack of a sheath.

What is this sword though? 

Yoru is indeed one of the world’s most mighty swords and one of the 12 Highest Grade swords. Dracule Mihawk, the “Strongest Swordsman in the World,” presently owns the “Black Blade.”

Mihawk has Zoro fight a human drill holding a sword that is nearly identical to Yoru’s, with the exception of the light-silver blade rather than black and red cabochons adorning the guard (rather than the anime-specific blue/green). 

Why is Mihawk’s Sword Black?

Zoro remembered both his preparation and his battle with Dracule Mihawk in the Baratie storyline. Throughout the whole fight, Mihawk’s main blade, Yoru, is evidently revealed to be black, and the flashback emphasizes that it is the world’s most robust Black Blade. 

On the other hand, Black Blades appears to allude to swords that become black when imbued with Haki, according to the episode. Because Mihawk is the world’s greatest swordsman, it’s safe to assume that the world’s most robust “Black Blade” has something to do with Yoru’s hue.

About Baratie Arc

Mihawk quickly caught up to the Krieg Pirates and chopped their flagship in three pieces as they moored at the Baratie. Two flintlocks were fired at him by one of the Krieg Pirates, but Mihawk blocked the bullets with Yoru. 

Roronoa Zoro then confronted him and challenged him to a battle. Mihawk didn’t think much of Zoro, claiming that he could show the strength gap between them without crossing swords. 

Mihawk drew his Kogatana to battle the East Blue swordsman, although he did not have a more miniature sword. Mihawk effortlessly stopped all three of Zoro’s swords with Kogatana as he attacked. 

As he repulsed the pirate, he fended off Zoro’s wild sword strokes and pondered what Zoro’s objective was. Zoro immediately launched an assault, but Mihawk struck him in the chest before Zoro could use his swords.


Being a Supreme Grade sword, Yoru is one of the most potent and high-quality swords ever created and is regarded as a weapon fit for the world’s finest swordsman.

Yoru’s owner can effortlessly cleave apart massive buildings, from a war cruise liner to a vast mountain of ice, with only a single stroke of the blade, thanks mainly to Mihawk’s unmatched swordsmanship. 

His swings create immensely powerful compressed air shockwaves (which look as light-greenish vibrational frequencies in the anime) that can travel great distances while still slashing, even probably hundreds of meters distant.

Yoru is delicate enough even for Mihawk to block bullets directed at him with only a sparse brush of the blade and to send off highly accurate, well-placed “flying slashes” that may pose a threat from any distance. 

Say that despite Yoru’s considerable weight, as seen by its enormous size, Mihawk wields the blade deftly both one-handed and two-handed, as if it were an extension of his limbs.

Does Mihawk Have the Legendary Sword? 

“Hawk Eyes” Dracule Mihawk was a Warlord of the Sea in the past. He is known as “The World’s Strongest Swordsman.” (As we all know.)

Many people believe Mihawk is more than just a Warlord, and they are not incorrect. Mihawk rose to prominence prior to the commencement of the Great Pirate Era. 

He and Shanks, a Yonkou, used to be enemies. Mihawk wields the Yoru, an all-black blade.

Yoru is a Saij Wazamono grade sword, making it one of the series’ most hugely influential, legendary, and uncommon swords.

Is Zoro Stronger than Mihawk?

Mihawk has previously met Zoro once, and it was in East Blue.

No one will ever forget Zoro’s humiliation during the battle.

Mihawk is far stronger than Zoro, and he would still win if they fought again since Zoro isn’t at the same level as Mihawk.

So, will Zoro get Mihawk’s sword? 

Yoru, the legendary black blade, is Dracule Mihawk, One Piece’s finest swordsman.

It’s one of the 12 Saijo O Wazamono swords, which means it’s of the most incredible quality and a weapon fit for the most powerful.

Yoru will not fall into Zoro’s hands because it is Mihawk’s blade. In addition, Zoro uses the Three-Sword Style, which Yoru isn’t built for. That sword necessitates the use of both hands. It will never be able to match Zoro’s santoryuu style.

Furthermore, knowing Zoro, he will very certainly have Mihawk re-challenge him. As a result, Zoro will be allowed to do so, but he will not steal Mihawk’s sword.

Does Mihawk use Haki on his sword?

Mihawk’s weapon is merely a high-grade sword with Haki infused. Zoro gets a memory of Mihawk urging him to invest his sword with Haki, so the edge doesn’t be cut or nicked at the scene where he slices Pica.

 “Every blade has the potential to become the Black Blade,” Mihawk adds. 

Is it conceivable that Mihawk has discovered a means to permanently infuse his blade, which is why it seems to be black? Is it also conceivable that Mihawk’s sword isn’t the ‘most robust’ blade but rather the one wielded by the most potent swordsmen? 

Mihawk is capable of employing Kenbunshoku Haki. Mihawk’s primary weapon is the Yoru Black Sword. Yoru has a curved black blade in the shape of a Latin cross, a golden cross guard with red cabochons (blue and green in the anime), and a bandaged hilt with a particularly large cabochon at its extremity. 

When he accepts challenges for his title, he only pulls out this sword for those who have the courage to earn Mihawk’s respect or the strength to pose a danger; otherwise, his Kogatana suffices. Yoru is a single-edged, ornately adorned, human-sized sword (about 7 feet) fashioned like a Latin cross with a gleaming black blade that curves towards the end.

Is Mihawk’s sword black because of Haki?

Yoru is already been black ever since the beginning of the series before Haki’s blackening impact was added. Even when it’s on Mihawk’s back, it’s black. 

Even Mihawk’s short knife would have seemed black in hue to the viewing audience if it had been Haki, as it was pointed out. The black sword isn’t the only one in the series.

Zoro’s Shusui is likewise revealed to be black in hue (and it’s clear that it’s not due to the Haki in this instance).


Mihawk demonstrates tremendous agility and swordsmanship, especially when using Yoru, his primary weapon.

His swordsmanship ranges from the Strong Blade swordsmanship, which can smash entire fleets of ships and massive icebergs with immense strength, to the Gentle Blade swordsmanship, which can deflect bullets with finesse and elegance.

He can also cut through steel with ease and speed, as demonstrated with the steel-bodied Mr. 1, whom even Zoro struggled to defeat.


Kokuto Issen

Mihawk swings his sword, launching an unseen flying slash capable of cutting through everything in its way, resulting in a powerful, far-reaching cut. A vertical version of this strike was first seen cutting Don Krieg’s ship in half crosswise all through the Summit War, and a horizontal version was spotted much subsequently during the Summit War, in Mihawk’s try to strike Monkey D. Luffy but missing, rather slashing apart a faraway, mountainously giant, frozen tsunami lengthwise.

Mihawk swoops Yoru down in front of him, unleashing a vast, far-reaching slash wave capable of slicing through an enormous ice sheet and allegedly much more. Mihawk attempted to strike Whitebeard with the move, but “Diamond” Jozu was successful in stopping and disperse the strike with his body in the manga; in the anime, the cutting wave pushed the diamond-bodied pirate back a distance, potentially cause him to suffer and holler while ultimately only diverting the wave upward, rather than outright canceling it, having driven it to disperse.

Chi o Hau Zangeki

Mihawk whips Yoru downward, producing a fast-moving slash wave that (as the move’s name implies) tracks the ground; in the manga, it has a more swirling shape, similar to Roronoa Zoro’s Sanjuroku Pound Ho. It becomes an extraordinarily accurate strike with Mihawk’s exceptional eyesight, able to tag a Gear Second-using Luffy in mid-motion and from a fair distance away, in a chaotic battlefront, without striking any of the numerous in-between opponents. 

Kokuto Arahoshi

Mihawk leaps into the air, both feet planted on the cross-arms of his sword, and rapidly descended to impale his opponent from above. It was initially shown being used against Luffy, with only a sliver of success.

Kokuto Saku

A counter-offensive. Mihawk holds his Black Blade with two hands over his back, waiting for his opponent’s upcoming move. When the adversary attacks, Mihawk responds with a powerful downward slash.

Kokuto Kogetsu

Mihawk slashes Yoru wildly at high speed, generating several mid-sized cutting waves that slam into the enemy from a short-to-medium range. Luffy was the first to be hit by the assault, and he struggled to avoid it.

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