Naruto: All Sasuke Powers Ranked

Many loves to watch Naruto. As you may notice it is very famous worldwide. You can see Naruto signs, stickers, clothes, caps, T-shirts, and notebooks imprinted with the anime’s logos and designs. Also, one of the famous characters in NAruto is Sasuke. As you may know, Sasuke is also one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Sasuke is not only famous in the series but also one of the powerful ninjas. He says he is a great power and knows many techniques that make him powerful. In addition to that, training also makes him off of the powerful ninja. 

If you do not have an idea regarding Sasuke’s powers, I have searched for details for you to check. You may read more pieces of information that are listed below. 

Indra’s Arrow

It’s time for the big show because Sasuke can use Indra’s Arrow by himself; it’s the most powerful ability in the game. First used by Indra, Susanoo is called after the first user of the technique. When used with his Susanoo, Sasuke claims this to be the most powerful technique in the entire series. That, however, cannot be demonstrated to be true. Sasuke uses his lightning release to make a longbow and arrow. He employs the chakra of the nine tails to strengthen the potency of his arrow. The power of this move is comparable to Naruto’s Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, one of the Six Paths. 

Chibaku Tensei

It is possible to manipulate the powers of the cosmos using Chibaku Tensei, a specific technique for Rinnegan users that pulls strength from the Deva Path and draws on the power of the Deva Path. To use this feature, users must first build an enormous black sphere that can draw anything in its path, including other people and things. It is possible to use the orb’s rubbish and rubble to imprison victims, or to crush them under the weight of the orb itself, to accomplish this.

Instead of using a black orb to capture his opponents, Sasuke created an orb shape out of the rubble as a decoy. Orbs, according to tradition, are difficult to escape from, making this method excellent for subduing powerful opponents who are challenging to control.


Sasuke will benefit significantly from Rinnegan’s presence. He can use the six-path strategy due to the technique he learned. The latter offers a few advantages compared to Sasuke’s capacity to copy all jutsus and unlock the Sharingan’s full power. Additionally, Rinnegan is the mechanism that allows for this travel through time and space. It is impossible to describe in words how much this technique will benefit Sasuke once he has learned how to use it.

Summoning Technique: Snake

Sasuke has proved that he is capable of summoning at least two snakes, in addition to all of the other monsters and weapons that he can conjure. During Sasuke’s battle with Deidara, he was confronted by the Rychi Cave boss Manda, who Orochimaru had earlier summoned. After using genjutsu to take control of Manda, it was only after the beast was liberated that it perished to the damage it had sustained.


Sasuke can shift the location of something with his eyes, allowing him to attack an opponent who is not prepared. Sasuke can position himself in the most advantageous tactical position using only a few seconds. Substitution Jutsu is essentially a supercharged version of the substitution technique. The Amenotejikara not only swaps places with the opponent, but they also retain the momentum gained due to the technique’s application. Sasuke may use it in a fight to confuse and outrun his opponents by using his speed.

Hurricane Thunderclap: Majestic Attire Sword Stroke

As a result of their combined powers, Sasuke and Naruto can create an armored Kurama, one of the most devastating assaults in the series. This form, known as Majestic Attire: Sasuano, was created to contain Kurama’s chakra; nevertheless, Kurama’s chakra cannot be suppressed while in this form, and his offensive and defensive powers are strengthened as a result of this form’s use.

Space-Time Dojutsu

Sasuke possesses the ability to cast a black portal via which he can travel through time and space at will. Due to the damage done, Sasuke’s chakra has been depleted, making him unable to perform crucial techniques. Although Sasuke can travel through time and space, his abilities aren’t taken lightly.


Kakashi Hatake taught Sasuke Chidori, a highly effective Lightning Release jutsu that he has adopted. As the user pushes their arm forward, they generate lightning in their hand, doing deadly damage and, if strong enough, piercing their victim.

Various Chidori variations have been created by Sasuke, each with a different set of abilities. This includes using his Chidori-infused checkout to produce a lightning katana, which generates many little bolts, forming a wide horizontal beam that easily pierces targets, such as his future bride Sakura Haruno. At times, Sasuke’s left arm was amputated entirely by one evil Chidori.

Blaze Release: Susanoo Kagutsuchi

However, even though Sasuke possesses exceptional ninja skills, the Susanoo cannot exploit its full potential on its own. Sasuke can use the Susanoo as a shield, allowing him to unleash a rush of black flames on his opponents. The Susanoo then wields this black flame as a weapon against the others. It is possible to turn this black flame into a wide variety of destructive weapons by combining it with other substances. The arrow, the sword, and the magatama-shaped missiles are all created when the hand is employed in this manner. As the weapon continues to be used, it has the power to incinerate anyone who comes into contact with it, and the situation only becomes worse.


When a user has Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes, they can employ the Susanoo, which is widely considered one of the most potent talents on the planet. Using the user’s chakra as a foundation, the Susanoo takes on a humanoid shape and encircles the user. When it comes to his Chidori and Fireball Jutsu, Sasuke’s Susanoo is nothing more than a more powerful version of the techniques he’s already mastered before. Because unleashing a Susanoo necessitates a considerable chakra, the user’s eyes are severely stressed. A substantial cost-benefit trade-off exists here, as the Susanoo causes significant injury while protecting the user.

10 Honorable Mentions

Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu

Lions Barrage

Hidden Shadow Snake Hands

Orochimaru-Style: Body Replacement Technique

Binding Snake Glare Spell

Summoning: Manda

Summoning: Garuda

Sword Of Kusanagi: Chidori Katana

Deva Path


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