Top 10 Strongest Fantasy Swords Ever (Ranked by an Expert)

When it comes to swords, fantasy swords are not directly based on historical or conventional designs.

In fantasy fiction, creators can unleash their creativity to develop the most badass blades ever!!

Swords from the Warcraft series or those ridiculous “zombie themed” wall-hanger swords that have lately been sprouting up all over the place are examples of this sort of merchandise. 

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Most Powerful Fantasy Swords found in movies, books, cartoons, and videogames ranked by a true swords fan.

10. Sword of Shannara – (Sword of Shannara)

Known throughout history as the Sword of Shannara, this famous weapon has a fascinating backstory. Urprox Screl, the best smith in all of Southland, crafted it using an Old-World recipe supplied by the outcast Cogline and the sorcery of the Druid Bremen, with the assistance of the Druid Bremen’s magic. 

The Eilt Druin medallion was fashioned into the handle, and the truth of Druids’ ancestors is absorbed into the blade of this Sword. It can reveal absolute truth about anything, whether it be a person or a magical force. 

The Sword has proven to be an interesting character in the series because it is the only magic weapon that does not appear to become more addictive as the bearer uses it; this is most likely since the Sword only reveals absolute truth and is therefore useless when dealing with creatures such as Demons who do not tell lies. Bremen made the mistake of granting the blade to the Elven King, Jerle Shannara, rather than to the elven people. 

9. Sephiroth Sword (FF7 Advent Children)

As Sephiroth transforms from Kadaj, he emerges the Masamune. Against Cloud and his Fusion Swords, Sephiroth shows the blade’s strength by slashing through steel, columns, and masonry debris. 

Keeping the upper hand throughout the encounter, Sephiroth ultimately forces Cloud back and impales him on the shoulder. When Cloud unleashes his new “Omnislash Version 5”, killing Sephiroth and restoring him to Kadaj (who dies), he defeats him. 

The sword now hums like a crystal when hit by the wind in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. The moment where Sephiroth whacks Cloud in the shoulder during their fight is re-edited to resemble Cloud’s initial traumatic amputation by the Masamune during the Nibelheim Incident, which he performs just as Cloud is about to complete his Omnislash. 

8. Demon Slayer Katana (Gyomei)

Gyomei is a gentle giant who, despite his mild demeanor, commands respect. He’s soft-spoken and sensitive, but he’s also the most potent demon slayer in the world right now. 

Gyomei, in contrast to the conventional Nichirin Blade, wields a hand-ax with a spiked flail attached to the hilt through a lengthy chain linked to the hold.

7. Yoru Katana – (One Piece)

Mihawk’s Yoru was the first Saijo O-Wazamono weaponry shown in the series, and Mihawk himself used it. Yoru is a blade made entirely of black steel, deserving of being handled by the world’s most powerful swordsman. 

Mihawk has been able to chop down a massive iceberg and many enormous ships with relative ease thanks to the strength of this blade. The flying slashes from the edge are very precise and can do significant harm to the surrounding area. 

According to what has been reported thus far in the anime, no other blade can compete with Yoru’s might.

6.   Glamdring – (Lord of the Rings)

It is powerful enough to penetrate the Balrog’s flesh without causing damage, and Gandalf uses it to direct lightning bolts at the Balrog, enabling him to destroy the creature in the end finally. Glamdring has been etched with runes in the Elven tongue on its walls and ceiling. 

There is an almost infinite number of magnificent swords to choose from in the Lord of the Rings film series. This is the one that Gandalf makes use of. 

It possesses no evident magical properties other than the ability to glow blue in the presence of orcs, but that is unimportant because the infamous Gandalf wields it.

5.  Hruntig – (Beowulf Poem) 

Hrunting, Beowulf’s most renowned blade, is considered to be flawless until it falls up short against Grendel’s Mother, according to legend. Beowulf searches down the Giant’s Sword in preparation for the rematch and dispatches the old guy in an instant. 

Performing admirably in the face of infallibility is a compelling case in favor of badassery. Furthermore, because the sword with which Beowulf eventually locates and kills Grendel’s Mother was said to have been fashioned by giants, it suggests that Grendel’s family possesses magical invulnerability, which prevents weapons produced by man from injuring them.

4.  Kusanagi (Japanese Mithology)

A telekinetic command allows the sword to instantly expand and retract its blade to attack from vast distances. It can also cut through practically anything and is controlled telekinetically by the character Orochimaru. 

Even Enma, who can morph into a diamond-hard staff, said that the Kusanagi sword would leave him with a significant amount of pain after using it.

As the Grasscutting Blade or The Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven, this sword was allegedly forged in the belly of an eight-headed serpent. And it grants its wielder the capacity to govern the wind and cut even the most durable (monster hide) or supple materials (burning grass). 

3.  Excalibur (Medieval English Poems)

Excalibur is a fabled sword said to be endowed with unfathomable power, and it can only be used fully by the person who holds it in their possession. The person who wields this blade will become nearly invulnerable. 

But it is those who utilize it and are not intended for it that will be warped and finally destroyed by their insatiable desire for power.

2. Frostmourne (Warcraft 3)

The Frostmourne is a two-handed broadsword hurled from the Frozen Throne by Ner’zhul or the Lich King. It is a weapon of great power and prestige. 

As well as having the ability to suck the life of its victims, it also can drain the souls of everyone who comes into contact with it.  What’s more, this power can’t be halted or avoided by any means that will last for all eternity. 

In addition, the owner could connect telepathically with the wilders at any time and from any distance or on whatever level he desired. In attempting to taint the bearers over time, the Lich King uses this power, resulting in many negative consequences. 

Those who hold the Frostmourne sword will not readily relinquish control of it, and their actions will progressively shift from good to evil. Other than undead evil wielders, all other evil wielders will turn undead over time, allowing the sword to suck their voice into the steel.

1. Sword of Superman (Superman Comic)

This sword was created at the formation of a chunk of matter following the big bang, and it grants near omnipotence and omniscience. It refused everyone except for Superman, who finally rejected it because he determined that it was too dangerous to be around. 

While several powerful swords have been included on this list, the sword in question was so strong that Superman considered it too hazardous.

Pre-Crisis Superman, to be precise, was the same Superman capable of dragging numerous planets simultaneously, destroying solar systems with a sneeze, and surviving the Great Collapse. 

We challenge anyone reading this to provide us with something even somewhat close to that.

5 Honorable Mentions for you

Here are our 5 honorable mentions of Fantasy Swords!


From flesh and bone to steel ship doors, almost everything can be sliced through with a lightsaber. Alternatively, if wielded by a powerful enough user who has constructed their blade to resist that type of attack, they can block blaster bolts as well as absorb Force lightning. 

Metal is often utilized in forming the hilt, although other materials, such as Brylark tree wood and hand-crafted jewels, have also been employed. Modulation circuits, an energy gate, a blade emitter shroud, activators, handgrips, and blade adjusters are all included in constructing a lightsaber.


Callandor is a sa’angreal who is considered to be one of the most formidable on the planet. Upon being questioned, Maria (Curator of The Notes and perhaps the most extraordinary living specialist on World of Warcraft lore, both released and unreleased). 

She stated that a full circle of 13 Aes Sedai would most likely not put a shield onto Rand holding Callandor. He’s undoubtedly capable of destroying whole armies. 

With a crystal sword that can destroy any foe save the desire to overextend a book franchise continually, it is the ultimate weapon in the Wheel of Time series, complete with odd anti-male-chauvinism intricacies to complicate matters further.


It is a magic sword that appears in several fantasy books written by author Michael Moorcock, and it is known as Stormbringer. It is characterized as a massive, black sword with weird runes engraved deep into its blade, which was forged by the powers of Chaos and wielded by the forces of evil. 

In part, because it is so strong, Stormbringer may take control of anyone’s activities and dominate the person who handles it if they are of a weak mental disposition. Even the most strong-willed person can fall prey to the sword’s influence when they reach a moment of mental weakness. 

Kronos’ Scythe 

Kronos’ Scythe is his power symbol. His mother Gaea gave it to him to dethrone his father Ouranos. 

Zeus subsequently used it to sever Kronos’ head and send him to Tartarus. Luke Castellan subsequently held it in Backbiter, a steel and Celestial Bronze sword. Kronos’ Scythe is a lethal weapon. 

Its sword, half steel, half heavenly bronze, can injure both humans and immortals. Kronos’ family in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods avoided him owing to their apprehension of the Scythe.

Sword of Gryffindor

They build Godric Gryffindor, an unrivaled weapon thanks to their skill as blacksmiths and innate magic. The principal architect, Ragnuk Italent,’s is mainly responsible for the sword’s tremendous potency. 

Like a wand, the Gryffindor sword appears to react to requests for assistance from Gryffindor’s chosen heirs. Because Harry Potter used it to slay Salazar Slytherin’s Basilisk, the blade is nasty and can destroy Horcruxes. 

The sword absorbs all attacks. That renders it immune to injury since it absorbs the power used against it.

Final Takeaway:

Yes, there are a plethora of them; but, they are not as eye-catching as the more memorable ones, which makes them less remembered. The significant difficulty with fantasy swords is that the most memorable ones tend to be aesthetically intriguing to stand out, which means that they are either large or have a lot of jagged edges to make them stick out. 

Each of them are detrimental in a real sword (although being large is not always harmful, you must balance size with weight, which is frequently not considered.) As a result, creating a truly convincing sword will seem to be a regular sword and will not draw attention to itself as much.

Think we missed a sword, or simply feel your favorite war blade was mis-ranked in our rundown? Cut the chase in our comments section.

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