Top 15 Coolest and Deadliest Fantasy Weapons Ranked

Do you know why so many fantasy artists create weapons that are impractical at the very least? Examples include swords with an excessive number of extra barbs, swords that would weigh several hundred pounds, and bows with so many hooks and sirens that it would be difficult to hit a target. 

Because the majority of fantasy artists are not anthropologists and have not researched how to wield these weapons. Moreover, like many others, they have the unfortunate propensity to believe that the more evil a gun appears to be, the more successful it is in fighting. 

Let’s take a look at the Top 15 Most Interesting and Deadly Fantasy Weapons ranked.


If you want to take down a Titan, the 3D Maneuver Gear is your best bet—unless you’re Eren Yeager and have the ability to change yourself into a Titan and slaughter them in a hand-to-hand battle. All through two seasons, members of the Survey Corps have used this equipment to kill scores of Titans along their path. 

To swing around targets, they tend to employ their momentum, not just in rectilinear lines but also zig-zagging between things and Titans, as seen in the image below. The gas system is so effective that it may prevent falling even if the hooks are not deployed.

14. Asta’s Swords (Black Clover)

Asta has amassed a collection of three highly formidable swords during the span of Black Clover. Asta has collected a group of three powerful blades during Black Clover: Demon-Slayer, Demon-Dweller, and, most lately, Demon-Destroyer. 

Asta’s are only large slabs of metal, which are not particularly impressive compared to real-world swords. These weapons, on the other hand, are game-changers in the Black Clover world. Asta can entirely negate magic with the use of these items. 

As a side mark, in case you weren’t conscious, witchcraft is quite much a way of life in the town of Black Clover. As a result, entirely nullifying it makes even the most brutal matches winnable in the long run. 


A Gravitational Beam Emitter (GBE) is a very effective directed-energy weapon that may be carried in one’s hand or attached to one’s arm with a special attachment. As the result of the recoil from a solid GBE shot, Killy’s arm was broken. 

Although it appears to be a deadly weapon to employ, its output is significantly more lethal on everything it is directed upon. One incident has Killy increasing the strength of his pistol to a level that causes him to fly backward, with the recoil being powerful enough to smash through walls. 

The weapon’s recoil was so powerful that it fractured his arm.

12. Hyper-Density Seals

A mighty blow from Sir Nighteye’s seal hurled at them. When Sir Nighteye threw a seal at Twice’s duplicates, it was strong enough to eliminate one of them in a single strike. 

These stamp-looking guns aren’t potent when compared to most of the weaponry on this list. However, these barriers are pretty significant in a world where individuals detonate bombs in skyscrapers and freeze whole arenas. 

Sir Nighteye can fight offense-oriented villains because of these bad guys, although his peculiarity only aids him in gathering information. You could even murder someone by tossing one of these at them if you wanted to. 

Furthermore, they are pretty slight. And no one would ever realize that they own such enormous power. As a result, the element of surprise is unquestionably on your side.

11. Berserk Guts Sword

Guts will often disregard his own safety in order to attack his opponent. Feats: Strength- As Raid Leader is strong enough to wield a sword weighing approximately 30 pounds (three times weight of large zweihander) with one hand. 

Miura has admitted that he originally hit upon the idea of a massive sword merely as a gimmick to attract readers. Additionally, Guts only wields the Dragon Slayer with his right hand, never wielding the sword with both his right hand and left mechanical arm.

10. Andruil Lotr

Compared to its former incarnation, Andúril is leagues above Narsil in terms of power. In the Lord of The Rings films, Andúril is the only weapon capable of allowing Aragorn fight off the Oathbreakers. 

However, not only does Andúril protect Aragorn, it also gives him the power to command the Oathbreakers as well. It was made by the Galadhrim, and was overlaid with a tracery of flowers and leaves and elven runes spelling out the name of the sword and its lineage. 


Several anime weapons are as ridiculously strong as Berserk’s enormous blade, the Dragon Slayer, which he wields against his enemies. Designed to split dragon skulls in half, the notorious weapon from Berserk is too heavy and thick for any ordinary human to use. 

Guts’ proficiency with the Dragon Slayer and the sheer size and weight of the weapon allows him to cut through many opponents simultaneously. The blade has gotten more potent over time due to the blood of supernatural opponents that has seeped into it through time. 

8. Naofumi’s Shield

After discovering the full extent of his shield’s capabilities, he demonstrates an astounding range of methods to employ it. His shield may be used for both offensive and defense, sealing, imprisoning, and projecting energy bolts in both directions. 

Furthermore, when Naofumi enters the curse mode, the amount of power she possesses grows dramatically. When a show’s name is attached to a weapon, you may be sure it will be extreme. 

But when the second anger was inserted as a power amplifier, the power of the security surged to the point that it was now capable of one-shotting someone in the most metal manner conceivable. It’s also important to note that it has just lately been implemented. 

In other words, if we get a second season, we can only imagine how much more power we’ll have to deal with.

7. The Glaive (Krull)

Colwyn in Krull wields the Glaive, a supernatural five-pointed sword with five points. The eventual destiny of The Glaive is still up in the air, yet it seemed doubtful that such a deadly weapon could be destroyed for all time. 

Not only does this weapon come with five retractable claws, but it also has a telekinetic link with the Chosen One, which allows it to be controlled in terms of movement and precision. It makes quick work of the extraterrestrial invaders that attempt to infiltrate the country of Krull.


Panther Lily also has the Bustermarm, which is another well-known anime sword. Although the blade is incredibly sharp, it can cut through many materials, including iron. 

The fact that Gajeel Redfox can break it during a struggle is a testament to its great power. Before that, it remained a fearsome weapon in Fairy Tail, and it is unquestionably a magnificent blade to see in its whole.

5. Quirk-destroying bullets

This medication was developed by the Shie Hassaikai, a yakuza group commanded by Kai Chisaki, better known as “Overhaul,” who was accountable for the idea and development of the product itself, which was made possible by the use of Eri’s biological material. Once the bullet strikes the person, the medication begins to work almost immediately, destroying the Quirk. 

On the other hand, in a society where eighty percent of the population possesses peculiarities, having the capacity to remove such characteristics offers you enormous power. Both because you can quickly murder the individual and influence them by waving the cure in front of their nose, the antidote is handy.

4. Maleficent’s Staff (Sleeping Beauty)

Malificient can use staff in a variety of contexts. Maleficent’s Staff is a mystical golden staff with a lime green ball on top possessed and held by the wicked fairy Maleficent, who wields it to accomplish her evil goals. 

It has tremendous magical power, which she employs to further her nefarious objectives. True, the Mistress of All Evil gets her strength from the Staff, but she can also call “all the powers of Hell” to perform her curse, teleport, and morph into a fire-breathing dragon using the Staff. 

3. Death Note

The small black book is one of the most lethal weapons in the anime universe. Light may use death Note to murder someone in any way the user wishes. 

All required are the person’s name, a visual picture of the person, and a writing tool. As Light Yagami transforms into Kira, he is responsible for the deaths of an alarmingly large number of individuals.

2. Dragon Slayer (Berserk)

As a result of its superhuman toughness, the Dragon Slayer’s cutting ability becomes significant; when wielded by a Berserker Guts, it can pierce through Grunbeld’s cannon fire-repelling shroud. As well as the corundum skin of the dragon-true apostle’s form, which is said to be stronger than steel, and even the armor of the dragon-true apostle’s form. 

With a name like Dragon Slayer, you can’t help but anticipate some out-of-this-world hijinks to place. We don’t know if this is since Guts is such a tremendous madman or just because the sword is so mighty.

However, a great deal of blood has been spilled with this blade, and we do mean a great deal. When this massive slab of expertly crafted metal comes into touch with a live body, whether it is human, demon, or anything in between, it is inevitable that blood will splatter all over the place.

1. The Elder Wand (Harry Potter Series)

The Elder Wand was considered to be the most formidable wand ever created. Its user may have used it to perform spells that were far more powerful than anybody had previously thought to be magically feasible at the time. 

According to tradition, Death fashioned a branch from an elder tree into the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand known to man at the time of its creation. On the other hand, Albus Dumbledore considered that Antioch Peverell was more likely to have been the originator. 

As one of the iconic Deathly Hallows, it’s perhaps the most deadly wand in the Wizarding World, and it should be dreaded as much as it should be treasured by wizards everywhere.

Five Honorable Metion

  1. Samehada  (Naruto: Shippuden)

Samehada is a live sword that picks its wielder. Hiramekarei, on the other hand, operates more simply, storing vast quantities of chakra for swordsman encounters. 

Samehada may re-energize the wielder’s chakra and stamina by partially merging with theirs or rapidly curing even fatal injuries. This traditionally makes defeating the sword’s wielder tough.

  1. The One Ring (The Lord Of The Rings)

The One Ring still looms large. Even mighty creatures like Gandalf and Galadriel must be continually on watch. 

The Ring can captivate and manipulate someone with just a hint of vulnerability. The One Ring’s corruptive power makes it potentially more harmful than any other weapon. In the incorrect hands, the Ring may bring untold havoc.

  1. Pumpkin (Akame ga Kill! )

Pumpkin employs focused shockwaves of spirit energy as ammunition. Its power and range rose under the danger its user faced. 

Pumpkin required no ammo. It could shoot spirit energy in bursts and featured a high-tech scouter in a chamber around the user’s eye. It had a sniper scope.


Tsuna notes that this new force is unlike any other he has experienced in the past. The flames created by the gloves appear to be more substantial. 

Still, one significant difference is that when they are triggered, some text appears above the fire, identical to the inscription that appeared around Enma’s liberated ring. The X-Gloves transformed into their second form, a pair of black metal-glad gloves capable of releasing flames when activated. 

  1. The Dominator (Psycho-Pass)

Psycho-Pass, a popular cyberpunk television series, has a pistol known as the Dominator. When presented with the most challenging situations of villainy, it has the power to assess a person’s penchant for crime and, when faced with the most extreme incidents of wickedness, it may transform a culprit into red paste. 

When it comes to Dominators, it’s not only about the raw strength they have; it’s also about the influence they wield as well. Except for a few instances when this backfired, you can identify whether or not someone is a criminal just by pointing it at them. 

So not only can you take out anybody in your line of sight with a single shot, but you can also be perceived as perfectly justified in doing so. And there will be no repercussions. 

Final Takeaway:

A fantasy figure with a multipurpose weapon would be fascinating. For example, would you fear someone wielding a traditional katana or an ordinary weapon? So utilizing the notion of a more versatile weapon to develop something unique would be more acceptable. 

You could craft a weapon out of dragon teeth. But you can make a multipurpose weapon seem attractive too, like a taser sword with blue energy circulating inside it and tribal designs on the side, or a flaming blade with red energy. 

You could do a lot, and it’s something that fans love to see in a series or movie. 

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