Top 15 Strongest Swords From Videogames (With Stats)

For the most part, almost all fantasy games contain various sorts of more “strong” swords with sophisticated magical abilities and other features as part of their overall framework. As a result, the player gains the ability to face progressively difficult opponents as the game develops. 

That is, of course, complete nonsense in real life. There will be no magic, enchantments, or unusual materials. Swords are distinguished by their shape and intended use, although they all perform essentially the same functions. 

Let’s take a glimpse at the top 15 swords in video games and admire them as well.

15. Excalibur II (Final Fantasy IX)

While it is known mainly that Excalibur II is the mighty sword in Final Fantasy IX and is among the craziest blades ever created, it is also universally recognized that it is the most difficult weapon to get. Making 9999 points of damage to a monster or a dragon at level 1 is no minor feat, but Excalibur II provided the player with that type of capability. 

Although it outperforms even the Ultima Weapon in terms of potency, Excalibur II continues to be the sword that everyone wants to copy. Hopefully, we’ll see it again in the future, perhaps in Final Fantasy XV, if not in a doubtful but yet conceivable remake of Final Fantasy IX.

14. Frostmourne (Warcraft3) 

Frostmourne was the ultimate confrontation between Prince Arthas Menethil and Mal’Ganis, the dreadlord. Ultimately, it marked the culmination of Arthas’ pursuit of Mal’Ganis in his desire for revenge against the dreadlord’s atrocities against the people of Lordaeron. Battle of Frostmourne marked the conclusion of Prince Arthas Menethil’s campaign against the dreadlord Mal’Ganis. Ultimately, it marked the culmination of Arthas’ pursuit of Mal’Ganis in his desire for revenge against the dreadlord’s atrocities against the people of Lordaeron. As part of this plan, Arthas would take up the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, at the cost of his soul, and use it to drive Mal’Ganis’ cold, hungry, and fatigued soldiers to certain death. While also harnessing the might of the cursed sword to defeat Mal’Ganis’ armies and ultimately the dreadlord. While Arthas was on the prowl for the runeblade, Captain Falric heroically defended the Alliance’s fortified headquarters.

13. Lightning’s Gunblades (Final Fantasy XIII)

Gunblades are a fantastic invention. Is it possible to have a sword that can also discharge shells? 

What’s not to enjoy about this? Not only do gunblades look fantastic, but they are also extremely well managed and deliver massive amounts of damage to our adversaries. 

Despite the fact that gunblades have appeared in a number of Final Fantasy games, Lightning’s Gunblade from Final Fantasy XIII is the most effective and efficient, since it is one of the only gunblades that can both shoot projectiles and fight like a regular sword.

12. Buster sword (FF7)

Cloud’s buster sword is an excellent weapon for attacking and defending against Shinra warriors in the early stages of the game. The adversaries, on the other hand, get increasingly influential as the game proceeds. Cloud’s first and most iconic weapon, the Buster Sword, is a possible endgame weapon in the game’s Remake. Furthermore, despite each weapon having a limited number of skill points, it is considered preferable to upgrade them than not.

11. Heavenly Sword (Heavenly Sword)

When it comes to sheer power, the Heavenly Sword, which appears in the game Heavenly Sword (obviously), is a formidable weapon to be reckoned with. In other words, we cannot just ascribe Nariko’s ability to destroy hordes upon hordes of adversaries to her physical power, can we? 

There must be anything more at play there, something considerably more potent than what we can see. The Heavenly Sword is the only weapon that may be used. 

The sword’s capacity to modify its posture to meet the player’s needs, as well as the fact that all three of its forms are incredibly useful, makes it a lifesaver in more circumstances than can be envisioned. If we only had a Heavenly Sword 2, since even without the weapon, it would kick ass- just for the sake of having a sword.

10. Sephiroth Masamune 

The Masamune is the most formidable sword with 150 attacks, 90 percent accuracy, and 4 percent evade. When used as an item, it will perform Haste XI, the fastest spell in the game. Sephiroth’s Masamune is a 35-CP weapon that he uses. In the event of a broken target or when it is struck, it provides an extra use of Octaslash and an additional stack of Jenova. It also enhances BRV efficacy and the total amount of Jenova stacks by one and the maximum Bravery and Attack dependent on Jenova levels.

9. Light Saber (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

The Light Sabers are not just the most famous weaponry in cinema history. They are also great weapons that make the Star Wars video games. 

Notably, the Force Unleashed series, simply enticing and difficult to ignore. When I viewed the Star Wars movies, the first thing that came to my thoughts was, “Wow, those are some fantastic weapons, and I wish I had the ability to use them.”

It is just as exciting to use Light Sabers in Force Unleashed to see them being used in the Star Wars films. Since more Light Saber action will be a whole kick-ass, it’s a good thing we’re getting another Force Unleashed.

8. Minecraft sword 

A Diamond Sword is one of the most formidable weapons available in the Minecraft video game. A Diamond Sword may be used a maximum of 1562 times before it breaks without the application of an enchantment. It also does 7 HP damage to monsters, which is among the most extensive damage dealt in the game. The sword’s durability may be increased by mending it in an Anvil or by using enchantments on it.

7. Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

Star Wars VR Series was first launched on the PC VR and Occulus Quest before being released on the PlayStation VR in 2020. It is a Star Wars fan’s fantasy come true. 

While the game is brief, with a total running duration of about three hours throughout the episodes, it is one of the most lifelike virtual reality experiences available to date. It feels incredible to use the Lightsaber even while using the Move controllers on the PlayStation VR. 

The game provides a chance to combat Darth Vader himself while enhancing longevity because of the superb Lightsaber Dojo mode.

6. Demon Slayer Videogame Tanjiro Katana

We’d want to see the Tanjiro clothing from the prologue, complete with wood basket, introduced as a viable skin, maybe accompanied by an ax. That would be a marvelous thing that will ever happen. For some reason, some of us have the impression that Tanjiro’s sense of smell will be similar to that of the Witcher in the game. Of course, this is not a negative thing in and of itself. In general, Tanjiro’s Katana is still on par with what we’ve seen in anime.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The is a role-playing videogame released in 2015 and is widely recognized as one of the best made. This game features a fantastic plot with significant and memorable side tasks that affect the player’s environment, including a great combat system. 

Even if The Witcher 3 has never felt as heavy or as devastating as a game like God of War, the system excels in its smoothness and the joy of hitting counters and finishers at the appropriate times. In addition, expert gamers may mix spells with swordplay, allowing Geralt, the game’s hero, to make quick work of his adversaries in his immediate vicinity.

4. Soul Calibur VI

When it comes to fighting in Soul Calibur, it has always been a blend of arcade action and expert swordsmanship. Soul Calibur VI, released in 2018, was something of a resurgence for the genre and a significant upgrade over its predecessor. 

The fighting, which is still enjoyable for older players, is now more approachable than ever before and simple to learn for practically anybody to participate in. The combat mechanism is far from authentic, but when playing against solid players or the computer on the higher complexity levels, there is a distinct feeling of planning. 

Fights may be back and forth, and a minor error can change the tide and halt the progress of an aggressive strategy.

3. Nioh 2

Three years after the predecessor, Nioh 2 is an action-adventure game created by Team Ninja that incorporates aspects of Dark Souls and Team Ninja’s own Ninja Gaiden series.  The sword combat system is very challenging and sophisticated as the other systems, but it is in a league of its own. 

Timing is crucial in the Nioh series, as players must learn when to evade opponent strikes, block enemy attacks, and counterattack enemy attacks to succeed. Various fighting postures emphasizing defense, attack power, and speed are utilized extensively throughout this highly tactical but fast-paced combat system.

2. For Honor

For Honor, a 3D online combat game that was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC, pits fighters such as knights, Vikings, Samurai, Wu Lin, Highlanders, Gladiators, and more against one another to see who would come out on top in a fight. It’s a beautiful combat system as tactical as cruel, with executions reminiscent of Mortal Kombat. 

Because of the combat mechanism in For Honor, players must consider their location and momentum, which is just at crucial as deflecting punches, countering attacks, and landing attacks themselves.

1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world role-playing videogame launched in 2018 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game is set in Bulgaria during a struggle in the early 15th century. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is as close to a true medieval adventure as you can get without dealing with wizards, dragons, or orcs. Because it is a game that demands time and expertise to parry, protect, and even strike from all sides, this experience is equally applicable in fighting. 

What makes it so pleasant is that the artificial intelligence used by the adversary is brilliant and is actively working to destroy the player.

Five Honorable Mention

  1. Raiden’s Sword (Metal Gear Solid: Rising)

When Raiden’s character is revealed, Roy Campbell refers to the HF blade like a katana, a Japanese sword. High-frequency blades are prominently featured in Metal Gear Rising: Rising, a game in which the plot revolves around a cyborg Raiden brandishing a blade against other similarly armed opponents. 

It was a sword strengthened by a powerful alternating current and resonated at extremely high vibration frequencies, which was known as a high-frequency blade. This oscillation caused the molecular bonds of everything it cut to weaken, improving the object’s cutting capabilities. 

Metal Gear Solid: Rising, a game focusing only on the use of this exact, completely superb blade, will be launched in a concise amount of time.  With confidence, we believe that the game will be fun to play through and that the art of Zan Datsu will be everything that it is touted to be.

  1. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is the third and last chapter in the highly recognized dark fantasy role-playing game series, and it was published in 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC. The combat in the Souls series, like its predecessors, appears to be straightforward, but it is a complex fighting system that relies on time and patience. 

The stamina system encourages players to make sure that every swing of the sword is utilized, and the parry and riposte methods need a great deal of skill and practice to perfect.

  1. Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima, issued in 2020 as one of the PlayStation 4’s final big-budget perks, ensured that the system went out on a high note with one of the most gorgeously designed open-world games in a decade, according to IGN. On top of that, it includes one of the most unique and most user-friendly fighting systems on our list, as well. 

Depending on the complexity level of the game, it is simple to learn and challenge to master at the same time. The greater the level of difficulty, the quicker and much more responsive the player, must become. 

Furthermore, it is a very well-balanced system that enables the player to perform one-hit-kills in the style of Bushido Blade when the difficulty is raised to an appropriate level. A power fantasy at heart, Ghost of Tsushima lets players experience what it’s like to be the greatest accomplished swordsman in all of Japan’s territory. 

However, even though the one-on-one duels themselves might be brutal, they are lovely and never grow old or dull.

  1. Beam Katana (No More Heroes)

Brutal, gleaming (maybe a little too dazzling), and buzzing, Travis Touchdown’s trademark weapon is used to rip through his adversaries in the first two seasons of the show. What a fantastic opportunity! 

Furthermore, the enormous joy that comes from slaughtering swarms of adversaries with the aid of the Beam Katana is unrivaled in the martial arts. We hope they produce a No More Heroes 3 to get more Katana awesomeness in our lives.

  1. Way Of The Samurai

It all commenced with Way of the Samurai 2, released on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. The series’ last installment, Way of the Samurai 4, was released on the PlayStation 3 in 2011. 

Each game is an amusing action-adventure game with a vast diverging plot that allows the player to alter their environment. The battle system in the Way of the Samurai, on the other hand, is what distinguishes it from the competition. 

There are multiple different combat techniques to learn and a push and pull parrying system that will take some opportunity to master but will make players believe like every fight is a hard-fought struggle that necessitates strategic thinking and timing.

Final Takeaway:

The swords are pretty amazing. The sheer act of wielding one instills sentiments of awe and astonishment in the user. “I feel like I can take on any kind of with one of them,” someone says. A similar sentiment may be expressed about video game swords as well. So, which swords do you consider to be your favorites? Let us know! 

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