Top 15 Strongest Swordsmen in One Piece Ranked

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Monkey D. Luffy, the character protagonist of One Piece, has faced a slew of formidable opponents.

However, as the anime nears its conclusion and One Piece is famed for its excellent swordsmen, these characters have gained their place in the series’ top ten.

Swordsmen are listed from weakest to strongest…. so read till the end!!


Coby is a buddy of Luffy’s who has embarked on a quest of becoming an Admiral of the Navy on his initiative. He is now serving as a Marine Captain. However, it is expected that he will rise through the ranks and eventually become an Admiral. 

Coby may not be compelling at the moment, but by the conclusion of the series, he will most likely be on par with Luffy in terms of stamina. We are confident, though, that Luffy will be far more substantial than him by the conclusion of the series. 

Coby is without a doubt Luffy’s oldest opponent and one of the series’ very first characters to appear. He’s a formidable opponent, but he’s not as tough as Luffy.

Issho “Fujitora”

Although he is a member of the World Government side, Fujitora has gained the admiration of the One Piece fanbase. Fujitora’s Zushi Zushi no Mi is a fruit that relies on gravity to grow. Its ability is channeled via his blade, which he employs to his advantage. 

He may transmit gravitational forces in a variety of directions by merely shifting the object a small amount. Fujitora’s destructive force can draw meteorites from space. 

In terms of fighting strength, Fujitora and his fellow admirals are considered to form the “Greatest Military Force” of the World Government, rendering him among the world’s most influential individuals. Fujitora and Ryokugyu are called “strong monsters” in the Marine Corps, as both Doflamingo and himself have pointed out.


A previous Admiral of the Navy, Aokiji, enlisted the Blackbeard Pirates upon resigning from the World Government’s armed force. For the time being, it is unsure what his intentions are with the group. 

In one way or another, he will impact the course of history when the tides of history finally shift in his favor. Aokiji, being a previous Admiral, would undoubtedly rank among the most powerful One Piece heroes if he manages to stay alive. 

Aokiji and his ice skills are incredibly strong, and although some of his fellow One Piece cast members are capable of defeating him, others are entirely outclassed by him. Few individuals can compete with Aokiji’s cold strength, especially if they can attain the position of admiral.

Borsalino “Kizaru”

One of the most brutal characters in One Piece is Borsalino, also known as Kizaru, an Admiral of the Navy and is one of the series’ most powerful characters. As an Admiral, he is a skilled user of both Armament and Observation Haki, which he may employ to his advantage.

Easily the most sympathetic character on our list, Kizaru is also the only one who does not become embroiled in the Pirate vs. Marine conflict in which the rest of the cast is involved. He is merely carrying out his responsibilities while maintaining his laid-back demeanor. 

If Borsalino had indeed taken his job seriously, Kizaru would have received a better ranking, but, well, Kizaru being Kizaru, he isn’t very enthusiastic or solid in his convictions, in contrast to the other Marines. However, he remains robust, and the Pika Pika no Mi Devil Fruit only serves to make matters worse for his adversaries. Kizaru can produce and manipulate light via laser beams, and he can also blind his enemies.


Smoker is among the Vice-Admirals of the Navy who aspires to become even more potent to end Straw Hat Luffy and the other pirates finally. As part of his mission, Smoker hopes to influence the corrupt structure of the World Government in some way. 

Smoker is one of the most significant characters in the story. Therefore, it suffices to say that he will be capable of fulfilling his objectives by the conclusion. Upon the collapse of the existing system, he will probably be appointed Fleet Admiral of the Navy. 

When it comes to the world of One Piece, the Marines are an organization to be dealt with, and Smoker is widely regarded as one of the group’s most influential members. Smoker is one example of such a Marine. Smoker consumed the Moku Moku no Mi, which provided him with more control over the smoke. Smoker employs his devil fruit in many different ways.

Sakaziku “Akainu”

Sakazuki, famously known by his alias Akainu, is an assertive Admiral who works for the Global Government in One Piece’s anime series. He is a ferocious Admiral who thinks in the ideals of Absolute justice and is committed to enforcing them. 

Things have been shifting ever since he assumed command of the Fleet Admiral’s post. In recent years, his notoriety has soared, to the point that he is now considered somewhat notorious even among the “good” marines. 

Known as “absolute justice,” Akainu is a robust authoritative leader in the Marine Corps because he is a passionate devotee in the concept of “absolute justice.” In the guise of a Logia-type fruit, his Devil Fruit Magu Magu no Mi is capable of massive manipulation and control and transformation into magma.

Charlotte Linlin aka “Big Mom”

Big Mom is among the most powerful pirates in the world of One Piece. While her position as the world’s only female Emperor is a tribute to her power, her fleet, notoriety, and history with the Rocks Pirates are just a few of the numerous honors she has earned during her life. 

The fact is that, despite her celebrity and influence, Big Mom is not indestructible. With her Soru Soru no Mi Devil Fruit, Big Mom can drain her opponent’s life span in a matter of seconds and transfer the remaining life span to anywhere she chooses. It’s safe to say that Big Mom’s daily munchies involve her crewmen, so we wouldn’t want to screw with her.


In addition to serving as the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook, Sanji is also one of the group’s three primary warriors. He generally takes on the opposition side’s third-strongest opponent since he is mighty on his side. 

Sanji’s physical power has been steadily increasing over the years. He will continue to develop even more during the Wano battle, in which his talents will be taxed to their absolute limits. 

In addition to quickly destroying rocks and metal weaponry, he can also defeat enormous sea creatures such as Bananawani and Momoo with ease. When Sanji kicked Oars in the foot, it was enough to bring the colossal monster to his knees. An Oda interview indicated that Sanji’s kicking strength was twenty-one Bats.

“Red-Haired” Shanks

Shanks is by no means a commoner in his appearance. Currently, his power and control over the whole One Piece world are inversely proportional to the number of mysteries that continue to surround him. 

Shanks is credited with inventing the concept of anime characters who were shounen leads and were isekai-ed into a separate reality to assist the series’ main character. In addition to being a very formidable pirate, he also has a reward of 4.048 billion berries on his head. 

Shanks is on a par with Kaido and Big Mom in terms of strength, and he may even be somewhat stronger than them. Because of his relationship with the Gorosei, he commands a great deal of respect and power across the One Piece universe.

Roronoa Zoro

The conclusion of the series will most certainly see Zoro rise to prominence as one of the most significant characters in the universe of One Piece, and we can’t wait to see him achieve his goal of being the World’s Strongest Swordsman. 

A member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Roronoa Zoro is one of the most influential members of the crew, and he is also a member of the Monster Trio, which includes Luffy and Sanji. When it comes to ambitions, Luffy wants to be the Pirate King, while Zoro intends to be the best swordsman on the planet.

“Golden Lion” Shiki

 The primary adversary of the tenth One Piece film is Shiki, also known as the Flying Pirate. A country-level danger is regarded to exist in his presence. 

Along with Roger and Whitebeard, Shiki is considered one of the most formidable pirates of his time, and he possesses extraordinary physical strength and endurance.


Marshall D. Teach, commonly known as Blackbeard, is among the Four Emperors of the Sea in One Piece, and he already wields tremendous power despite being only a child. Teach is a formidable opponent, and he will only get more so as we near the conclusion of One Piece. 

The world will most certainly witness him release his full strength during his confrontation with Luffy, revealing that he is truly deserving of the title “strongest” in the world. Blackbeard is widely regarded as one of the world’s four most powerful pirates, and his exploits have been documented. 

Even before he advanced to the position of Emperor, Teach was a formidable pirate. Even by the standards of a former member of the Whitebeard Pirates and Warlord of the Sea.

Joy Boy

This guy is the exceptional deal when he owns the treasure that serves as the foundation of the entire tale; Joy Boy is the proprietor of One Piece. In the One Piece series, Gol D. Roger stated that this godlike creature is the most powerful character. 

Joy Boy is that elusive coin you’ve been looking for for the past year and a half. Except for the discovery that he was the one who graved the Poneglyph, we know nothing about him.

Monkey D. Luffy

In his early appearances in the series, Monkey D. Luffy is a mighty fighter who quickly escalates into one of the most powerful characters. He will go on to become Pirate King and the central character of the series in time. 

With plenty of opportunities to grow, we’re confident that Luffy will grow into a compelling character, perhaps even surpassing the likes of Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard along the way. Even though that day is still a long way off, every One-Piece fan is counting down the days until it arrives.

Dracule Mihawk

Mihawk is among the most formidable pirates who have appeared thus far, and he possesses tremendous combat abilities. This has only been hinted at so far that his powers are derived solely from his skill and strength. 

Because of this, Mihawk is one of the few recognized Warlords whose power is based purely on his inherent natural talents. Dracule Mihawk, the world’s most potent swordsman at the moment, is destined to face up against Roronoa Zoro at some time in the future. 

Although he presently occupies the position of the strongest, he will not be the strongest indefinitely. While Mihawk may ultimately lose against Zoro, he will unquestionably remain one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece universe. His prowess with the sword, along with his amazing Haki, is enough to earn him a place among the very nicest in the world.

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Final Takeaway:

Young Monkey D. Luffy, who aspires to be the best pirate globally, also travels to the Grand Line in quest of the legendary treasure One Piece. His varied crew, which includes a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook, medic, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, will accompany him on his journey, ensuring that this will be a unique experience for him.

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