Witcher 3: Deadliest and Most Poweful Silver Swords Ranked

The Witcher 3 is, without skepticism, the most significant game almost fans have ever experienced. It offers everything a die-hard role-playing game lover like myself could ever want—a massive open world, fantastic side missions, and significant moral decisions. 

But the enthusiasts are getting ahead of themselves. We’re beginning to sound like we’re advertising or something… Anyway!  Let us have a glimpse at some of the most excellent silver swords available.

10. Harpy

The Harpy is a sword that can be crafted, but it’s more powerful in its relic state. It can be found during the “Wandering in the Dark” quest with Keira Metz, and it requires Geralt to be at Level 37 to use. It has a high damage output which is increased even further with Geralt’s own level. Furthermore, it has a high chance to make the monster bleed, so Geralt can take down most monsters with this weapon by inflicting several hits and waiting for the beast to bleed out

9. Tah’rel

The Tah’rel diagram can be a bit tricky to find but is worth it for getting a powerful silver sword. It’s in the large river south of The Silver Salamander Inn to the west of the first major fork in the road. It’s part of the quest What Was That About Again. Once crafted players will have a strong sword with a number of helpful stats. With lots of damage and an almost doubled critical hit damage, this sword is capable of packing quite the punch. The bonus experience from monsters is also a nice touch and cuts down on some of the end game grinding needed for higher levels.

8. Gesheft (Craftable)

There are two Gesheft swords in the game, one is guarded by the Cloud Giant in the Land Of A Thousand Fables and the other is a craftable model that’s much more powerful. Gesheft’s diagram is hidden in a monster den northeast of Beauclair at the end of the Dun Tynne Crossroads river. With such high damage and doubled critical hit damage this actually makes it slightly better than Aerondight, the best sword in the game. The only reason it doesn’t rank higher is that it doesn’t see such a dramatic increase in damage over time as the fabled Aerondight does. Still, if players are looking for a powerful sword that’s low maintenance then this is it.

7. Ursine Silver Sword

This is another Witcher School silver sword, and it comes from a set that encourages Geralt to wear heavier gear and become a walking tank of a Witcher. The Bear School gear requires Geralt to be at a slightly higher level to get than the other schools, but the silver sword is worth it granting boosts to adrenaline point gain, critical hit chance and damage, and dismemberment chance. The initial Ursine Silver Sword diagram can be found in Fort Etnir in Skellige. The sword requires leather straps, three silver ingots, a monster brain, and powdered monster tissue.

6. Cantata

The Cantata is a strong silver sword that can be found during the quest What Lies Unseen. The player will loot a body in search of something to appease the Elder and it’ll be located on that body with a Crumpled Letter. This sword has tremendous potential in Geralt’s hand. This sword is easily one of the more powerful silver swords in the game for the base damage alone. But the armor-piercing, bleeding, and stun combine to take down the mightiest of foes. It’ll shred any defense, drain their health over time, and occasionally keep them stunned and vulnerable to attack.

5. Feline Silver Sword

The Feline Silver Sword is a far more devious weapon and comes from a Witcher School that turned to taking assassination contracts. The Cat School gear is intended to be lightweight and fast, and the silver sword boosts the chance to cause bleeding and the intensity of the Aard sign. In its Grandmaster form, the Feline Silver Sword can also boost the chance to land a critical hit as well as the chance to dismember. The first Feline Silver Sword can be crafted a little sooner than the Ursine Silver Sword. It requires Geralt to be at Level 17 and to have two sets of leather straps, two silver ingots, ruby dust, and a monster eye. The diagram can be found east of Novigrad in Est Tayiar near Vernon Roche’s Temerian Partisan Hideout. You’ll run through Est Tayiar when looking for Philippa Eilhart if you help King Radovid during the “Redania’s Most Wanted” quest.

4. Tor Zireal

As impressive as the Wolven silver sword is it pales in comparison to the top three. Tor Zireal is found behind Kaer Muire and has a base damage of 555 to 679. What’s even more incredible about this sword are the stunning special effects. It provides +50 to Vitality making you a lot more resilient to dying and each sword swing has a 20% of causing Freeze. Basically you do ridiculous damage while taking ridiculous amounts of damage and wait for the enemy to freeze before hacking them to death.

3. Manticore Silver Sword

The Manticore School gear was introduced with the Blood and Wine DLC, and the diagram can only be found in the Duchy of Toussaint. The Manticore gear only comes in its Grandmaster form, so it requires Geralt to be at the high level of 40 to acquire and use. It’s worth it though, as the Manticore Silver Sword tears through armor, increases critical hit damage significantly, and also increases the chance to land a critical hit and cause bleeding. The Manticore Silver Sword diagram can be found in the Murky Delve, aka the Cave of Tribulations, in Toussaint. The sword requires two sets of leather scraps, two silver ingots, a ruby, and a monster brain. It must be forged by Lazare Lafargue in Beauclair.

2. Tlareg

Found in the northern part of the Kaer Muire fortress this weapon quickly outclasses the one above in terms of raw DPS and farming potential. It has a base damage of 692 to 846 allowing the player to one hit many of the weaker enemies in this game. The perks give a bonus to Igni sign intensity, that familiar chance of causing freeze although it’s less than the Tor Zireal at 12%, but it provides a handy boost to experience points gain which you’ll need to climb the higher levels.

1. Aerondight

The Aerondight is arguably the best weapon in the game, period. It also comes from Blood and Wine and is gifted by the Lady of the Lake at Lac Celavy to Geralt after he masters all five chivalric values. What sets the Aerondight apart is its insanely high damage ceiling. The Aerondight gets a boost from every successful blow landed on an opponent during a fight and lands only critical hits when fully charged. Furthermore, it gains a permanent boost every time it kills an enemy at full charge, which it will do a lot of. It also scales to Geralt’s current level, so you can carry this one over to New Game+. It can also be imbued with rune slots, so it can have Runewords inscribed in it. There’s really no contest when it comes to the Aerondight.

Final Takeaway:

The fighting is very enjoyable; people often deride it, but some fans like it use magical signs in battle, which you may play with, especially the sword, which is quite enjoyable, and just evading foes or monsters as they approach. It brings fans a great deal of pleasure. 

Sure, it has some flaws, such as hitboxes and the soft lock-on feature, which may be frustrating at times. What about you?

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